yellow discharge 6 years after treatment.

Hello ladies, not been on here few years now as just been trying to put it all behind me, its been 6 years post treatment and all ok and very ery grateful to even say this nowLaughing...however recently ive been having this yellowy discharge, i have had to wear liners lately never really had this only straight after radiotherapy have any of you  experienced it?, seems to get worse if i have wind and comes out then sorry TMI any of you ladies get this so long after treatment? ive been to my gp no infection so im confused and worried, be grateful of any advice, love and hugs to u all xxxx

Hi. Firstly congrats at being 6 years free. I'm 4 months since finishing my radiotherapy and desperately search for positive stories! Could your discharge be hormone related or menopause related? Just saying as I am a midwife and I often see an alarming increase in discharge when hormones change during pregnancy. Love h x

Does it smell? Does it come out when you cough? one of my main symptoms was yellow watery discharge which I thought was incontinence! You've obviuosky been to the doc but if it were me I'd be ringing up your Mac nurse and saying 'hi, remember me, ........