Yellow Discharge After 5th Radiation Treatment

Hi Ladies!

I’d like to first say thank you for all the forum posts you make. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 3B and when I was researching what I was up against, I found most of my experience related information here.

So, from the bottom of my heart - Thank You for posting and your honesty.

I will apologize in advance as I am planning to be as active on here as possible, in hopes that i can continue to help others when they’re doing there searching lol. Soooo sorry! Lol

That being said - it’s time for the gross part of my post. 

I’ve completed one round of chemo (cisplatin) and 5 rounds of rad. On day 6, there was a vaginal discharge that hasn’t stopped. 

Although the colour is yellow, there’s no adverse odour. Just discharge. In my head, I’ve decided that it’s my body trying to expel my tumor (although I’m more than likely wrong). 

Has anyone else had a similar happening so soon after radiation begins?

Hi Elle. 

I wasn’t in the complete same situation to you as I had a hysterectomy before my radiotherapy but I also experienced discharge throughout my treatment. Mine turned out to be just irritation due to the radio but I would definitely mention it to your cancer nurse. You might need a swab taken just to check there isn’t an infection. 

Alice xx


I had similar sounding discharge and got told it is normal as it’s the body trying to heal itself from the radiation. Keep an eye on it and if it changes colour or becomes foul smelling seek medical advice as may be an infection.