Hi ladies hope everyone is ok just a bit of advice really. i finished my treatment a week ago and I'm starting to get a watery strong smelling discharge sorry for the tmi! Just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this after treatment. Not sure if its a infection but panicking now because my only symptom I had when I was diagnosed was discharge so as you can imagine it's frightened me a bit. So any advice would be grateful thank you xx

Hi Dominique

You sound worried..... when I had a few problems straight after the brachy I spoke to the head radio nurse that did my weekly reviews.   She was really helpful. 

If you are worried call them..... you could be worrying for nothing and if you do have an infection you might need some help to fight it

Take care

Hi Tracey thank you I do feel worried I spoke to my nurse today and she was gonna mention it to my oncologist but she told me to go to my gp and ask for antibiotics. I've called today an can't get in till Monday. My nurse asked me if it was vaginal and not urine but surely you would feel if you were passing water?! I did mention discharge to my oncologist when I was having treatment and she Wernt concerned. Maybe am having a panicky day I don't no just every little thing is a worry isn't it xx