Hi, im 29 and i have just received my results from my 2nd smear test. 1st was normal.

It has come back 'slightly abnormal cells called low grade dyskaryosis'

I also have tested positive for HPV so i am being sent for a colposcopy 

I have a few questions.

1. Do you think it could come put worse than it is on the smear letter? E.g. a higher grade dyskaryosis?

2. Im worried they will look and see full blown cancer...would this if come up as a higher grade dyskaryosis though?

3. Do they take cells from the whole surface of the cervix in the smear?

4. I have recently come off the pop pill 1 month ago...do you think the hormone changes could of caused abnormal cells? 

Sorry for all the questions, i am just going out my mind with worry. 

Thanks in advance 

Hi, it's possible that it could be a higher grade abnormality at colposcopy but unlikely I'd say. Very very unlikely to be cancer and that would normally show as high grade abnormality on a smear. I personally think the pop pill can make abnormal cells worse just going from my personal experience but when I mentioned it to my gp she said 'there's no proven link', my consultant wouldn't commit either way.. Hpv is so common, the best thing you can do is look after your immune system, if you smoke stop, eat well, take a multivitamin. Hopefully your immune system will clear the virus x