Low grade/mild dyskaryosis HPV

Hi everyone,

i hope you’re all well. I attended my first ever smear test  2 weeks ago at the age of 25. I have received a letter in the post last night when really worried me. It first informed me that they have found ‘low grade dyskaryosis’ from my smear and that I have also been tested positive for HPV virus.

im seriously so worried as I don’t know what this means. I’ve of course spent hours and hours on Google’s googling what both of these mean and I’m scarring myself more the amount that I read.

I would please like to know if anyone has been diagnosed with the same thing as me as having ‘low grade dyskaryosis’ along with HPV and what results you got back from your colposcopy. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated I’m worried I’m going to have HPV for life and they find something seriously wrong when I go for the colposcopy. 


Thank you so much I hope you all have a lovely evening/weekend xx

Hi Lola,

I am 24 and had my first smear and came back with borderline results. I have since been for a colposcopy and I am waiting on my biopsy results.

I was really upset and panicked when I received the letter but HPV positive is ok, lots of people have it but some are more susceptible to developing abnormal cells, it doesn't mean it will turn into full blown cancer but it is good it has been spotted as most treatments early on have a really high succeas rate that's even if it is needed at all!

So try not to worry too much and keep us updated on your progress, it might not be anything and it might not need treatment. The colposcopy exam isn't too bad either, a little bit uncomfortable but the staff are trained to make you feep more relaxed. Here if you need to talk. Did you get a leaflet with your letter explaining everything?


Cait x

Hi Lola

I had my first smear test in February and it came back abnormal showing i had high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis. I was the same as you as it's a very worrying and upsetting time. I had a colposcopy in April and then LLETZ treatment last month (which is not half as bad as people think it will be). My results came back clear last week Laughing Im due got another smear in 6 months which is a routine procedure. Honestly don't panic and stress yourself out xx