Smear results HPV positive with high grade (moderate)dyskaryosis

Hi all,

I'm new to this and very worried.ive just turned 34 and I had my smear just over 5 weeks ago and I received my results today through the post saying that its has come back with positive HPV and high grade(moderate)dyskaryosis. I'm so so worried about this and have done nothing but cry since finding out. The letter says they have already requested a colposcopy. How likely is this to turn or for me to have cervical cancer. Seen loads of different things online and not sure what to believe( I know people will say dont Google things but its easier said than done). Thank you in advance for any advice given.


Hi Vivki. I am currently in the same sitaution as you. Age 37 with 2 children and got my smear test results back 04/12 saing postitve for HPV and cell changes ( i called and spoke with GP and told moderate dyskaryosis). On the same day i recieved my app for a colposcopy on 18/12. I am absolutley petrified  and can't hlp but think the worst. Have you had an appointment date yet? I didn't want to read and run so just letting you know we are in this together. 




I know exactly how you are feeling I had the same result in April at the beginning of the pandemic and was petrified. I think naturally we think worse case scenario, the wording of the letters doesn't help either. I had the colposcopy which wasn't bad at all and just had the cells removed which were CIN2&3. Just had my 6 month follow up which was normal laughing 

Good Luck x


we never want to see those results and we definitely can't help but google and google until we make ourselves sick! We all do it!

The most important thing is that the smear detected it and you are now going to have further investigations and maybe treatment if required. The cervical screening program really is fantastic in that in most cases it detects these abnormalities before they have the chance to mutate.

Hoping you get your appointment soon and get some answers!

jen x

Hi jen thanks for replying! My appointment come through pretty quick, I have to go for a covid test tomorrow and my appointment is on Tuesday at 10am. To say I'm petrified would be an understatement right now not for the procedure but the results, im a natural worrier at the best of times so throwing these results in the mixed has not helped my anxiety one little bit and have been suffering alot with anxiety attacks the last few days. 

Hi lil, thank you very much for you reply its much appreciated. I'm glad your 6 month check up was all clear! I bet that was a massive relief for you. Yeah I know what you mean about how they word the letter, you would think they could think of a better way to word it especially as its a worrying time anyway gettin those types of results, Google has been my best friend for the last week haha. I have my appointment Tuesday so fingers crossed all goes OK. 

Hi Vicki, 

I've had exactly the same letter as you and I'm in for my appointment on Tuesday too. 

Here if you want someone to talk to. I'm naturally a bit of a mess at the moment as I did the stupid thing of googling every possible scenario