HPV & Low Grade Dyskaryosis


I am so worried, I have just received a letter following my smear test.  It says I have tested positive for HPV and also have low grade dyskaryosis.  I lost my Dad to cancer last year, so my mind has gone into overdrive worrying about this :(

I am also worried because I was a little over a year late going for my smear, I dont know what to do.  The letter said I have been referred for a Colposcoy?  

Has anyone else found themselves in this position too?  I cant stop my brain going mad, my tummy is churning too :(

Many thanks 


i have never missed a smear and had a smear test last year ( hpv positive no abnormal cells) and this year I have tested positive again for hpv but with high grade ( moderate ) dyskaryosis. I went for a colposcopy and biopsy and I'm waiting for the results . The doctor didn't seem concerned , she said "looks good" when doing the colposcopy ( I've clung to those words ! ) and I was so worked up I actually asked her if it could be cancer and she said from what she had seen she didn't think it was and she didn't think it would be anything more than what the smear had shown , at most . 

I am so worried still even after the reassurance - I think I will be until I have something on paper telling me all is ok , so I know how you feel but it honestly is so common - this happens to women all the time and it's very rare that it is anything more than just some pesky cells that are NOT cancerous and they can get rid of them . 

The colposcopy and biopsy was fine , I didn't find it painful ! When is your appointment ? Hope it all goes well for you xxx


thank you so much for replying.  It certainly sounds reassuring what the Doctor said to you at yours.  How long do you have to wait for your result?  I will keep everything crossed for you.  It is a worry, I know how you must be feeling too, but like you said, cling to the words she said!

My appoinment isnt until the 30th March, I have spoken to a few of my friends in the office where I work, and out of the 9 of us, 7 have had to have this procedure too, I think we can both hopefully take comfort from that.  I guess the screening programme is doing what it is designed to do.

I really do hope your results are good, I am thinking of you x x 

I remember being really scared when this first happened to me. But the doctor reassured me that low grade dyskaryosis is a mild condition. For me it just meant I needed to be monitored regularly. At this stage your body is likely to fight off the infection without any need for treatment. However, it needs to be observed just to make sure.

After about 15 years of a persistent mild infection mine became worse at which stage I needed treatment. But for many women I believe low grade cell changes will get better on their own.

Good luck,