Low grade dyskaryosis and hpv??

hi , just got my letter today about my smear saying my result was abnormal with  low grade dyskaryosis and hpv... I've had many smear tests and have all come back normal, im 39 this year so as you can imagine I've got alsorts going through my mind, I'm just waiting for the hospital to contact me to have a colposcopy, hope it's not to long!, can anyone give me some advice please of how long it will be for my appointment to come and what to expect 

Many thanks 


Hi Emma,

I'm in Greece which means that I'm usually first onto the forum in the mornings but have less information about how it all works in UK than the other women here. I can quite see how having had years and years of perfectly clear smears that a dodgy one would come as a nasty surprise. Try not to worry about it too much because to the best of my understanding low-grade changes can often clear up all by themselves. 

Be lucky :-)


Thank you I will try not to , it was the hpv that worried me as I didn't no what it was.

Hi emma

im 28 and got the same letter as you a few days before new year, low grade and hpv.

i waited around 7 weeks for my colposcopy (it was on Monday). I know it's hard but try not to worry, stay busy And keep us posted. I'm now waiting for biopsy results which should take a few weeks :-/ xxx

7 weeks??? think i will be a wreck by then. Thank you I'm trying not to worry :-/ let me know how you get on xxxx

Hi ! 

I had my first smear 2 weeks ago. I had an abnormal result with low grade dyskaryosis. However i also resulted for no HPV.


I am really conufsed as to why i have an abmormal result and what may cause dyskaryosis? 

I have been put back in fpr my next smear in 3 years time. I am concered about the wait. As i have read this can develope into cancer? 

I feel like its a waiting game that im going to make myself sick with worry over! 

Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice.