low grade dyskaryosis and hpv infection... help

Hi guys, im happily married with 2 kids, and never in my life been so upset and scared. Ive had smear testing since my 1st baby was born in late 90's. I was very young and have been on every invite since,, never missed. After I had my baby my1st check came back as boarderline changes and was told that it was due to the birth, soon after i had a clear result. Every 3 years ive been and had negative normal recall...up till now. I visited my nurse for myrecall pap and was told that I would also be tested for hpv, of which I was totally in agreement,, anyway a week past and myresult dropped through the door. My life hasnt been the same. Low grade dyskaryosis and hpv infection... WHAT!!!!!!!!! Well thats it then all you think is cancer. How the hell has that happened .. im stressed the same as the next juggling family ,, work etc. But no way can I take this lying down..how can it allchange in there in 3 years,, whats triggered the hpv as I must be hpv positive so guess its always been there. A colposcopy appointment has been sent so im bricking it as to what cin they find in there.. omg can this get any worse. And not having anyone to talk to that has had the same problem or results. Does it ever go away or are you stuck with this forever. I have issues with anxiety badly and am so worried what they find in there.. thanks for listening xx

Hi there. It's the waiting that's the hardest but try to stay positive and keep busy. Karen x


Thanks karen Wednesday could not cone quick enough :(

Hi, did you get your colposcopy appointment? I hope they put your mind at ease. My appt is in 4 weeks time. While I am pretty worried, I'm also aware that the chances of the abnormalities developing into cancer are extremely low. This is all preventation measures, not cancer treatment. We don't, and hopefully won't ever, have cancer. Pleae try to keep this in mind and hopefully it can ease your worry a little. Talk to your doctor or nurse if you can't shake that extreme anxiety xx

Wow what a journey. Had a large lletz op on Wednesday to remove all bad cells just waiting for results now. Been back to gp in the meantime as it all looked like it was. Going bad and been signed of for a week due to heavybleeding etc and told to rest. Which is something imnot used to doing lol. Im still very very worried as doing want a lifetime of this but it done . Ivegiven up smoking yippee and have an e-cig but still worried about the nicotine effect on recovery and cervix but it got to be better than before.

How did you get on with your results, assuming you got them by now.

I too am awaiting results and gave up the smoking straight away, onto the electronic ones too. I got ones without nicotine which I find really good, but smoking while I'm drinking is my downfall so I've cut down a little on that too! Funny how it takes these scares to make you look after your health more Laughing