Hi all its been a while since I posted here,

2 years ago I had 1a2cc had an operation and it was removed, i have had all clear smears after, until my last one, I had a letter today saying I have minor cell changes and need to attend colcospy next month, I'm now really worried again that it's the start of it coming back, anyone else had this? Or know what happens now

many advice would be really helpul


Hi Carlee88

I know im responding years later but I had 1a2cc removed by 2 deep cones 5 months ago and i have my first follow up colposcopy coming up so I was looking up similar situations on this site (there arent too many 1a2cc girls it seems) and came across your post.


So I just wanted to say - even years after your post - that I hope youre doing well and healthy.

Sending you hugs