First smear post treatment next week and getting nervous

Hello ladies

A week tomorrow is my first smear after having a cone biopsy in April for stage 1A1 CC.  I was very lucky because it turned out they'd removed all the cancerous cells during the initial LLETZ procedure, and the cone biopsy revealed no traces of cancer.  I've no reason at all to think anything has come back but needless to say I'm scared.  We're hoping for an all clear so we can start trying for our second child.

I'm hoping for some positive stories from others and just some general reassurance if possible!

Thanks in advance Smile


We have the same background!  It's natural to feel unsettled even though our chances of everything being clear for many years to come are extremely good.  As you will see from my history I'm having a bit of trouble getting smears taken although this is fairly unusual I think.  The colposcopist said that what she can see is absolutely fine so I'm not overly concerned.  I think once we get a couple of all clears under our belts it should get easier.  Take care and let us know how you get on. xx

Hi Ezzruff,

I didn't ask either (it's amazing how your mind can go a bit blank after these appointments; mine always does!)  She said she would refer me to my consultant but I wasn't sure if that's because of the unsatisfactory smear or a routine chat as it's been a year.  Perhaps there's a procedure they could do to break down the scar tissue but then it might 're-scar' - who knows? I notice you had Cgin which can 'hide' a bit more than the usual CIN I think.  I'm in my 40's, no children through choice so it has crossed my mind that ultimately they may offer hysterectomy due to this if the result from my latest attempt is inadequate.  I also have fibroids, one of which is pressing down on my cervix and tilting my womb (nice!) so that may be a factor in any more treatment decisions.  I hope the smear is satisfactory and normal so I can forget about it again for 6 months but only time will tell.  Let me know how you get on xx

Hi, you're welcome! This site is a god send and so supportive. Like you I've read loads of posts and almost every scenario is covered. The NHS have been amazing although the waiting for results is always a bit nail biting! I'll keep you posted when my results come through. Xx

Thank you both for responding!  I'm glad you've mentioned about the scarring issue as I imagine if that happened next week I would be fairly anxious about it.  It helps knowing it's normal! I've just realised I'm due on on Monday so it may have to be rescheduled anyway which is annoying. I don't want to drag it out any longer!

If I'd had the 2 children we've wanted I'd definitely have the hysterectomy. In fact I'm going to ask about having my ovaries out at the same time as I've read there's a link between Prostate/Breast/Ovarian cancer?  My Dad passed away earlier this year after catching Prostate Cancer too late and my Auntie had Breast Cancer however this was fortunately caught early.  Doesn't seem worth the risk to keep them!

Hi, sorry about your Dad, I hope your Auntie is doing well. I know that Cervical cancer isn't hereditary and my Dad had bladder and prostate Cancer last year but my consultant said he would not have taken my ovaries if I had chosen a hysterectomy. I was due on for one of my smears and I checked with the hospital who said it wasn't a problem so perhaps you could go along anyway or give them a call. Hope it goes ok for you x