1st smear test post treatment


i have just been for my 1st check up since having a colne biopsy in April after I was diagnosed with stage 1A2 CC. Was actually looking forward to it as felt comfort that someone was checking the cancer had not come back. I'm now feeling so scared as during the smear she also had a look with colposcope and she seemed to be looking for ages! She said she had took a biopsy of something she had noticed but said its likely to be nothing. Can't help but feel so scared now - guess I was just hoping it would be an all clear result but now im dreading the results as im petrified that it is back :( have felt so emotional all day - it's going to be a long wait until those results come back!! 

thanks for reading - it's just nice to have somewhere to vent when you're feeling down and like people around you don't fully understand. Xxxxx

Hi Kim,

So sorry you are having a scary time, I hope you don't have to wait too long for your results. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Be Lucky