First check-up

Hi all 


Just looking for some advice, i have recently had my first smear after stage 1b2 diagnosis and 2 cones and lymphnode removal, ive recieved a letter today saying there are some minor changes in my cells and will check again in 6 months! has this happend to anyone? i really don't want to be wating 6 months for things to change more etc, does this seem rite or could it be an overlook as my doc has changed and may not know all details, i dont know, sorry to ramble im just confused



K x

Hi Kate and welcome! I'm a little had a couple of cones and lymph node removal for 1b2? Jeez, I had a radical hyst with radio on top! I imagine your cells are due to scar tissue from the cones as it takes a while for them to settle down and that is why they don't want to check again for 6 months. Hope all is well xxx

Yes ive read lots of others and doesnt seem many to of had the same procedures as me, but thats what they did as im only 25 and they wanted to preserve fertillity etc i was due to have a trachalectomy but they took almost all the cervix in the cones/loops so decided against it. Im worried now they have not done enough for me. Can scar tissue show on a smear then? I understand your not a doctor but any information is greatly appreciated, as i cant get in touch with the doc untill monday now 



K x

Yes it most definitely can show as scar tissue, as the cells they are testing have been damaged by the cuts and the healing process. It also takes a long time for any inflammation to go down. As the body heals, cells naturally die off and are replaced by new fresh cells. I am not a doctor, but only am a midwife and we had lots of teaching about this during our training ;-) 

ahhh ok, thats a slight relief then. i had quite severe CGIN present along with the cancer and i was just worried that the CGIN is still present i will check monday and see what they say.


Thanks for the advice though

K x