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I have nearly completed my treatment, just two more bracys to go.  My tumour was stage 2b size 7cm and a grade 3 with several lymph nodes involved. I am really worried that the treatment may not be succesful.  If there is anything left what would the next stage be regarding treatment.  I just have a really bad feeling about all this.


Thanking you 

hiya,I think we all understand how you feel. Try and concentrate on the here and now,not the future. I know it is very hard to do. Were you given any info of how things look at your braccy scan? remember this is the big boy part of the treatment that kicks its ass x

Mine is very similar to yours. adenosquamous 2b grade 3, 7cm, no lymph nodes involved. My treatment is 30 external radiotherapy , 8 brachy,5 cisplatin, 7 hyperthermia for 3 mons finished in 2016.  I just had my 6 mon CT result, ned as previous 4 CT.

I was very panic at that time, even my doctors shaked their heads and told me it does not look good.  The turning point of my treatment is when I started to walked 10000 steps a day, that boosted my immuine system and enhanced the treatment effect.

Hope this will help! Faith and never give up!

PS I had my treatment in Taiwan.

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please understand that it's normal to feel like this during treatment but you must try to think positive. There are ladies that have been stage 4 and have the same treatment and are doing just fine. The brachy is very  effective and will continue working for a long time after treatment finishes. There are steps after they do take if this treatment is not  successful but what will be done will be based on the specific issue. They might go with a chemo mix or possibly a surgury or both. Again it will depend. 

Try to get about without focusing on this too much. It is so important to live and smile and keep a positive mood


I just finished my treatment a week ago and feel exactly as you feel,  I was told by my consultant that until I've had my 3 month follow up they wouldn't discuss options available until then as they need to know how the treatment has/hasn't worked as upto my last brachytherapy the MRI showed no change to the tumour.  You need to remember that even though your not attending treatment each day that it is still in your body trying to work its magic (hence leaving us 3 months) try to remain positive we are all here to support you xx

Thankyou ladies,

MichelleP hope u have a good result at your three month check, the waiting must be stressful for you, I am crossing fingers toes for you.

Thewaiting three months will be awful, ive has a bad few months, marriage ended due to husband running of with a much younger employee of his. I had to retire from my nurwsing due to health following 33yrs in the nhs, then this cancer.