Advice on brachy

Hi ladies

i posted on treatment but was hoping I could get advice from some ladies who have been through treatment. I have stage 2a cc with a couple of pelvic nodes involved. I have completed 25 external radio and 5 chemo and had my first two of four brachy seasons last week.  My consultant said there had been improvement from the treatment so far and it had responded, however used the word moderate and didn't seem very hopeful.

i know I'm probably reading a lot into what was said and how it was said but I'm feeling that they mean there has not been much response so far. Has anyone had experience of little response with the first bit of treatment and is it possible the brachy can still do the business? 

Im just worried sick and overthinking everything. I'm stressing that if this doesn't work nothing else can be done.

any advice, reassurance etc will be very welcomed as really struggling this week.





Medical vocabulary is really quite specific and very undramatic, words like 'amazing' or 'huge' are never used. When describing pain the scale seems to go from 'discomfort' to 'sore' and never 'hurts like hell!' I was told my chances of survival were 'quite good' which scared the hell out of me at the time but I now realise that the word 'quite' does not equate with 'a tiny amount' So in your case, be happy with 'moderate' it's quite good ;-)

Hey :) Tivoli is correct they are never like doing cartwheels super impressed lol. But I'd say that radiation continues to work for a period after it has been administered so technically the brachy you had will still be in their kicking cancers butt, but I'd have faith in the treatment and I wouldn't right yourself off just yet cos no matter what stage 2a is curable and that will be exactly what the doctor is aiming for xx

My mum has 2b and they said its curative 60 - 70%.... i know its better than half but why not 80% i'm bricking it!!

Try not to 'brick' it Shavorne, your mum wants you happy and positive beside her :-)

Don't look at statistics! They refer to other people five or more years ago and so do not apply to you and your mum now.

Be lucky :-)