Please help

Hi ladies

firstly sorry or yet another frantic worrisome message just in a mini melt down the last few days and as a result not sleeping. I have finished radio chemo brachy for stage 2a cc with a couple of pelvic nodes involved.

i know I should be positive but I keep thinking what happens if it hasn't worked?? Are there other options or if it has failed is there not much else that can be done? I'm sorry if it seems a daft question but every time I try to research it online I don't find much or I scare myself.

please does anyone have any words of comfort or advice


Hi Kimmy,

haven't been on the site for months and just popped on and saw your post. Your situation was exactly how I felt and your position not far off mine although I had 9 of 12 positive and rather high up in the para-aortic region which isn't great.

You've been taking all that treatment like a superstar and then suddenly it's what's next? I learnt to have faith in the oncology team looking after you as the MRI scans would show most things that would cause concern.

I too read all I could read online and what I found scared me too and then one person gave me some good advice.  The statistics are based on a broad base of women, young, old and of differing stages. There's is only one you and they can't test 1,000 of you and get the same stats. You're unique!

Over a year later and my latest scan clear, I now relax a little more. Others gave me the same advice so try not to stress as this is bad for you. Live and laugh as much as you can and do those things you've put off. The sudden cease of treatment feels like no one's doing anything, but that's a good thing as the treatment must have worked.

I hope that helps you a little and if you have any questions about my journey, just message me.

Big hugs,


Hi lovely,

everybody feels the same when the treatment ends,so your not alone X

It gets easier with time and like Jools says start doing nice things for yourself

and catching up on the things you couldn't do when you were having treatment.

I unfortunatly have long term problems after my treatment,but still no evidence

of disease and its been 21 months....nearly two years,wow can't believe it!! So,

time will pass and each day,week month will bring up new feelings that you will

deal with as and when.

Main thing is not to be hard on yourself,we have been through alot and you should

be proud of yourself.

I would suggest if you find things are getting on top of you to try some councilling.

It was the best thing I did and I continue to use the mindfulness technique to help

me everyday.Its great for pain management.

I hope you feel abit brighter today.

All the best for the future

Take care

Becky X

Hey, I saw a phychiatrist  (don't ask) and he specialises in cancer patients and he told me that once the treatment is over we go through stages like grieving as we have had something so huge happen to us and so much involvement then it all goes away so panic and worry step in from hope and praying. Apparently it's normal and there is a number of stages you go through (i can't remember them sorry) - the thing what I am trying to say is its normal to panic and worry I will too soon as I have just finished treatment and I'm enjoying not having to go the hospital and being poked and prodded!

The good news? We're here to help you to listen well read your worries and what is scaring you and to try and help reassure you - were all in the same boat one way or the other and we're still human and women.

Try not to worry yourself and if you do talk to someone you trust, or ask your doctor for counciling as I had one session (been told I'm normal and don't need to go again lol) and it helped me a lot to get stuff off my chest and it made me realise why I do what I do - rely on myself a lot - this may benifit you xx