Treatment woes feeling really low

Hi ladies

home from first brachytherapy seasons (2 seasons) they weren't as awful as I thought and physically feeling ok.  They told me my examination and scan showed that the tumour had responded and there was improvement albeit only a moderate amount in addition they didn't seem very hopeful. I wonder if anyone else was in the position before brachytherapy as in feeling hopeless and down thinking that it won't work.


any stories and reassurance is welcome with open arms as I just feel Rock bottom and that there is no hope and not sure where to turn. 









Hi Kimmy!

So sorry to hear you are having a bad day.. I can not help with any info or experience but just wanted to say to try not to read too much between the lines of what the doctors say and concentrate on the positives, like that you tumour has responded. As I understand brachy is much stronger and more targeted at the tumour itself so hopefully it will respond much better after that, also the treatment continues to work long after you are finished so there's a lot that can happen and it will happen still!!

Sending you lots of hugs and strength!!



Lots of hugs Kimmy :-)

And everything Anna just said :-)


Be lucky :-)

Hi Kimmy,

sorry you are feeling really low/ Try not to read into too much which is said at this stage.  I had this treatment December 2012 and its so effective.  there will be a lot of messy tissue there at the moment and its usefule to remember that the radiation keeps working in your body for weeks afterwards.  Try not to worry at this point as it all sounds like its going in the right direction for you.


Massive hug