Where's the lovely Tivoli?

Ive been going through old posts and have come across several of her encouraging words. I feel like I could use them tonight. Im still awaiting brachy so almost done but this morning in the shower, I felt a node. It wasnt swollen, just there but I didn't feel it yesterday. I had my planning MRI yesterday and called the Dr to relay my concerns through her assistant. Shes supposes to call me tomorrow after reviewing the MRI to set up the sleeve implant for brachy so hopefully she'll put my mind at ease. I know Im only a week and a half from external radiation and it could be inflammation, but you know how the mind wanders. Someone in another forum said after treatment, you no longer feel safe. That's where I am. Will I ever feel safe again? I really wish I lived in the UK so I had access to a helpline nurse. My therapist appointment isnt for another 2 1/2 weeks. How long did it take you before you felt ok again? 

Hi JenS05

I am the same way i worry all the time about it coming back. It has got a little better but not alot. I am like you i just want to feel like i use too before all this.  I also live in the states. I sometimes feel alone. Sounds like u have did good doing treatment and are almost done. I pray all goes good for u. :-)

You're right, Tivoli has been an amazing support on this forum. I think she still checks in on us from the to time and gives support and advice if needed.

Hopefully though, she is living her life to the full after receiving her 5 year all clear and putting it all behind her. She explained to me that cervical cancer is one of the most treatable cancers there is and she'd tell you the same. You've been told that your treatment so far is looking promising and that your consultant is happy with you (can't remember the actual words you used) & you need to start trusting what you've been told by your medical team and believe it. Worrying isn't doing you any good. You will feel lumps, bumps, aches and pains everywhere if you are looking for them.

I'd suggest you come off your other forums, I don't think they are doing you any good at all and possibly making you worry even more. As for feeling safe - did you have any anxieties about your health pre diagnosis? I know I did. Now if I have back ache or a cold or anything I think is possibly cancer related I try to put it on hold for three weeks (what I was once told) and if it's still there I contact my consultant. 

Hiya everyone :-)

Well, here's a thing now. No cancer bothers at all, that's all good, but sadly the husband became nastier and shoutier and swearier until I could stand it no more. I left my beautiful Greek home and returned to grey England in April. I have been trying to find a job ever since but it's not happening in a hurry.

You can thank me for the Summer weather though ;-)

A Cervical Cancer diagnosis really does whip the rug out from under your feet for a while, but it's usually cured very easily without any recurrence. It probably takes about two to two-and-a-half years after finishing treatment before you stop being frightened that your follow-up test results are going to be bad news. Always get yourself some kind of treat on a test day! :-)

Be lucky :-)