Hi all,

I finished my treatment schedule a couple of weeks ago (chemo, radio, brachytherapy).  The scans I had during brachytherapy and the one in week 5 of treatment showed that the tumour was reducing. I saw my consultant today who said my cervix now feels normal and not craggy (his words!) I am awaiting an MRI appointment to check it's gone and if it's not I'll be out to MDT for hysterectomy. In my head I don't see how it could have been there and then be gone without some actual 'removal' - I tried to explain this to my consultant but I don't think he got it. I feel like I am in limbo now waiting for this MRI. People ask how the treatment has gone and I don't really know why to say?! 

How were you after treatment?

sweet pea

Hi sweetpea. I can't really help as had radical hysterectomy straight off. But I find it hard to relate to the fact that I even "had" cancer, as I never really felt ill, and I link cancer to needing chemo/radiotherapy. So I can slightly relate to how you feel about it not being there. If you need to tell people anything, just say how you feel after it and that you're waiting for follow up before you can say for sure. Big hugs the you xx

That must be really tough having no answers after initial treatment. I had surgery (Radical Hysterectomy) but a friend had radio/Brachy and her first scan was inconclusive (tumour was grape size still down from satsuma!) 3 months later it had gone so she was able to say she was in remission. It appears the radiation keeps working even after treatment has stopped.

I on the other hand went from diagnosis to remission in a month. Almost TOO quick. I found it incredibly hard to believe what they were telling me!

Good luck for your scan and hope its good news. 


Hi Sweet pea :-)

I understand what you are saying about actual physical removal, but both radio and chemo therapies are known to work even if us patients don't really understand them. Whether or not you have a surgical removal you still live through the terror of worrying about a recurrence or that they might not have got it all or whatever. So in hindsight, if I had had the chance of no surgery, I would have taken it with both hands - this hideous scar up my front reminds me every day and I think I would have preferred no physical exterior evidence.

Be lucky :-)

Hi sweetpea

i can completely relate to that. It sounds crazy but I sometimes feel jealous of ladies on here who have had surgery as they can be secure its been removed (sounds mad I know).   I think it's harder to put trust in the unseen processes at work with us ie the radio etc.  I just finished brachy today and have been told there is a huge improvement however putting my trust in the radio keeping working and getting rid of the cancer is so hard.

keep plugging away and stay strong.

my thoughts are with you and hope you get good news.