Freaking out

Hi everyone,

I have my 6 month follow up results next week and am really starting to freak out. 

I had 5 rounds of chemoradiation and 4 lots of brachy back in June after an abandoned hysterectomy due to positive lymph nodes.

My 3 month PET scan wasn't all clear, I still had an area in my cervix lit up and a new lymph node that hadn't lit up previously. 

I have started bleeding after sex again and have a discharge as well as pain. 

At every point of this journey I have researched everything and had fab advice from this forum that has given me a sense of control and allowed me to stay optimistic but I have absolutely no idea what it means if my treatment wasn't successful, would I be terminal? I'm absolutely bloody terrified!



If your treatment wasnt succesful then there is more treatment that you can have. What it will be is completely individual to you nut hopefully it wont come to that. 

Six months is still very early and all your bits and bobs wont hsve settled down yet x 

Keep us posted x

Radiation continues to work for quite some time after it has been administered which is why some still have residual disease at initial check ups but go on to be given a no evidence of disease! Now if there was still residual tumour there it in fact does not mean there are no other options, some people have chemo and radiation and then surgery althoigh not standard practice in the UK it is done. Also like me, I had taxol chemotherapy to reduce the size of my tumour then given a hysterectomy and brachytherapy (this chemo you loose your hair). There is also pelvic exenteration which is massive surgery but would also be with curative intent. Don’t worry, fight is far from over. Charlene xx

My appointment with the oncologist is tomorrow and I'd just about got to grips with not over thinking but just received an appointment for a liver mri on Friday.  I tried to ring my cns but she just told me I have to wait to speak to my oncologist as only she can discuss my results. I just want this nightmare to stop!

PrincessG im so sorry, I really hope this is all precautionary. My oncologist always says we are looking to prove there is nothing there not that there is. So try and stay as positive as you can. I’d call and ask to speak to the oncologist and say it’s very unprofessional you have received this appointment without any prior warning or explanation as to why it’s happening. Charlene x

Thanks lovely!

This isn't even the 1st time this has happened, I initially got my mri staging appointment weeks before anyone would give me my diagnosis. I know it doesn't change the outcome but it doesn't help anxiety levels that's for sure Undecided xx

Yeah it happened to me too I got the treatment plan through before I’d even been given all the info and it’s panic inducing, thsee things need explaining! Hope you get some answers and don’t have to wait too long xx

Ditto, I got all info about treatment and pain management and didn't get my actual diagnosis (well, stage) till over a month after I first saw doc.

Anyway, how did the appointment go?