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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the site and this is my first post. I've just finished treatment last Tuesday. 28 days external radiotherapy 5 chemotherapy and three brachytherapy for stage 2b. My follow up clinic appointment is in six weeks. My doctor told me last Tuesday that things were looking good and the tumour has shrunk a lot. At the beginning of my treatment it was 4cm in diameter. Now my treatment has finished I feel a bit lost lol. I don't know what's happening to the tumour. Does it just carry on shrinking? 

A confused Nicky. :-) x

Hi Nicky. Yes the radiotherapy carries on working even though you've stopped getting the treatment. Mine finished at the end of march and my follow up appointment is the end of may. I should be scanned before I see the oncologist to find out what's next. 

Thank you for your reply I'm less confused now. Apprehensive and a little scared about the follow up appointment and scans. Fingers crossed for your scan and follow up. Positive thoughts and hugs.


Nicky :-) xx

Hi Both

I am also a member of the '2b club' !!!  I am a little ahead of you guys with the chemo/radio, and I'm 11 weeks post brachy.   I found the first two weeks post treatment were very difficult - my blood counts were really low and I had an infection, and was struggling with my bowels.   All this added up to a tough couple of weeks and extreme tiredness.   However, after two weeks I started to feel better and then almost over night the tiredness had gone and everything else started to settle down..... The Dr told me this was a combination of the treatments and the radiotherapy / brachytherapy working.   At my scan during the brachy planning I was told that there was no active disease, so the brachy was stopped at 2 treatments.

Like you Nicky, I was apprehensive about the follow up appointments and scans and got myself into a bit of a pickle about it all.   To be honest Im not sure if it was the 'what ifs' or if my emotions were all over the place thanks to the start of the menopuase !!   For me  I had a 4 week checkup with the oncologist, then an 8 week scan and appointment with the surgeon.  Neither was as bad as I had expected and the oncologist called me with the scan results - still no active disease !!   Now I am getting myself ready for surgery later this month.....

Good luck to both of you with the scans.....

That's fantastic news Tracy * big grin* Yes I think my fear is the what ifs as I know the tumour was still hanging in there last week. What if there's no change, what if it's spread. Scary stuff!!!! 

What surgery are you having? Is it a hysterectomy?

Again, really pleased you've kicked cancer's butt. Happy news!!!! :-)

Hugs Nicky xxx

Hi Nicky

Thanks - to be honest its still sinking in ....  mad really, because when i was diagnosed (the 'bad news') I accepted what I was told, and immediately went through all the same emotions as I sure everyone else on here has, yet when its good news I doubted it initally ... guess this is now nornal and I will always have those 'nagging' feelings

I really hope that the radio continues its magic for you and when you are scanned its good news.    It is scary, but I whilst I got myself into a pickle I had to know....

For me the surgery is going to be a hysterectomy.  I didnt have the planned 3 brachy treatments because of the progress and my bowel was being impacted - this was the advice of the oncologist as a belt and braces approach ....  Not looking forward to it, but hopefully this will be the last part for me.......

Hope you are getting on ok  - fingers crossed (and everything else) for you and everyone else......

Good luck



Good luck with the operation Tracy. I hope it is the last part for you and you can eventually put the 'nags' to rest. To be honest I hope one day in the not to distant future they offer it me. 


Good luck Tracy. :-) x

Thanks Nicky.

I was surprised when the surgery was first mentioned by the oncologist, but to be honest relieved....   Afterall everything has been 'zapped' and is techniclly redundant, so the only implications of the surgery are if there are any complications.   Unfortuantely the surgery will not be keyhole - the surgeon has told me that the scarring caused by the radio can make the surgery more complex than before the radio and he would rather have a full view !!  Hopefully this reduces the chances of complications with the bowel and bladder, and whilst the recovery is longer it should be best in the long term - fingers crossed.......

Good luck........ 6 weeks will fly by.......hope you are feeling ok,

Everything crossed for you Tracy. I'm sure all will be good. Let me know how you get on.


All the best

Nicky x