Hi I've only just turned 25 and I went for my first smeer test 2 weeks ago, I received a letter this morning saying I have high grade moderate dyskyrosis and I have to go to hospital for a colposcopy in a weeks time. I'm really worried as I don't no what it is and it's making it worse that it's bank holiday and I can't ring my GP for advice. I'm getting married in September and we where wanting to start a family and I am over thinking the worst and can't stop panicking about it all , any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you x

hi Kayleigh, moderate is cin 2 so please dont be worrying yourself ... these changes are pre cancer and will be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. the colposcopy is fine ... its basically just like a smear but they take a biopsy which is very quick, i didnt even feel it. please dont be stressing enjoy the rest of your weekend :)