New here 1st Smear High Grade!

Hi ladies, as you can see i am new to this site. I am feeling very anxious i had my first smear and it came back with abnormal cells and high grade dyskaryosis. I went for my Colposcopy today and i was told it came back as moderate. They want to give me treatment and a biopsy but they didnt do it there and then due to me going away in 10 days time. I have booked in again for a later date which is the 23rd Feb. Shoud i be worried about leaving it so long?

I didnt really get much information today either i kind of shut off and tend to forget what to ask but neither did they offer much either (maybe because i am going back). I got given a leaflet and have read some things online. In my leaflet it states my cells are precancerous?? Im just worried about it all. I also read that because i have high grade etc that i am more likely to get cancer then anyone who gets a clear smear result or low grade. Is this true? Is there a chance that now because i have already have had a abnormal test (and even if it clears up after treatment) that i could still maybe go on in later life to get it?? I think i may be overthinking things but properly like all the women on here i have two beautiful young boys and i worry about all that! So many stories now a days about it all..

I guess i am just after soom advice and peoples stories please. xx Anyone who can put some light on my sistiation please (i know everyone is different!)

Hi kirzt,

Didn't want to read and run. My situation is nearly the same as yours, I have two young boys too. I went for my first ever smear in September (not 25 for 2 weeks!) and received my results back within the same week saying I had been referred for a colposcopy as I had high grade dyskaryosis. It was quite a shock Tbh as I've read it can take years to develop to cin3 so all I was thinking was I'm not even 25 and I've got this what?! I had a lot of problems with hospital with waiting for results, I still don't know the results of my biopsies as they were inadequate to assess. Anyways fast forward 4 months and I've just had lletz treatment so another 4 weeks wait for results. Anyway what I'm trying to say is if they've left me for this long then om sure and so will they be that you'll be absolutely fine to wait till then. Try not to worry, honestly the waiting for results is worse than any colposcopy or treatment going. And as for them being pre cancerous yes they are but they are NOT cancer they are just changes to your cells. Just remember your in the system now and you will be treated for them!

Apologies for the long reply!!


Best wishes

Louise xx

Ps: I've found this site the best out there for information. If you need an answer to any question whether you think it's silly or whatever there are lots of lovely ladies who have been in the same situation and who will help with anything you need to know! X

Hi Louise thank you for your reply. I appreciate you sharing your story with me. It puts my mind at ease knowing i shouldnt be worrying about leaving it a couple of weeks. Will help me enjoy my holiday more to New York in 10 days time. Its just all so alarming when you get something like this put in front of you especially when its your first smear. (not implying it any less fighting on your 2nd 3rd etc). Thats what i have been saying to my partner at the moment its not the worst time it will be waiting for the results. Yeah i am in the systmen now and hopefully a couple months down the line all will be sorted.

I wish you the best for your results hun. Hope you get the best outcome!! take care

Kirsty xx