Hi all,

I'm 25, I received my smear test result today. Its high grade dyskaryosis. I'm not really sure what this could mean. I have had some symptoms which promoted me to finally get the test done and now I'm scared. I've got to go for a colposcopy on the 19th of December. If anyone has any advice please comment. 

From a scared mother of two.

Thanks in advance x

hya hun, i am 24 so not even due to have test and i booked my own because of symptoms. and the same got results got sent for colposcopy. im not sure what ur results mean for you because everyone is different but all i can say is try not to worry because you wont really know anything till colposcopy. alot of people have that and dont need any treatment. i am awaiting treatment to have abnormal cells removed as mine are servere too. but try not to worry about colposcopy either its not as bad as ya think its going to be. just let them know your nervous and they should make you feel comfortable. the nurse told me even if u have CIN3 it can be in your body 10years before changing to cancer. i know i havent given much info but hope it helps. let me know how you get on. x

Hiya thanks for your reply.

I think just reading the word cancer in a letter addressed to me signalled panic even though it says it doesn't mean it's cancer.

Now I'm over the first day I feel a little better. I was 10 months late for my smear and feel so stupid for not going now. I will update after the colposcopy. Thanks again for reply :) x

awww glad your feeling a little better. yes let me know how you get on good luck. x

Hi thought would update, I had my colposcopy today and lletz to remove the cells. Found it a bit painful and had two doses of anesthetic but I did it :) . Have had period type pains since but am ok. Feel a bit better about it all now just the wait again for results lol hope you're ok xx