Anxious and worried

Hey everyone. New to this site. 

I had my smear back in April 2018 and didn't get results back until last week (last week of August) my results came back that I have highgrade/severe dyskaryosis, next day I had a letter with an appointment for a colposcopy examination which is happening this Friday 7th sept, so all is happening pretty quick which that itself worries me. I also have been bleeding for over 2 months with a week's break and now I am panicking so much. With the severe dyskaryosis and the bleeding I am almost convinced I have cancer. I just need for someone to be real with me instead of saying oh you haven't got it, it won't happen to you. Just need to hear some experiences similar please. 

Danielle x

Hi Danielle 

That's an awfully long time between your smear and the results, did they say why they had been delayed? When it's high grade they do get you in quickly, my colposcopy was 3 days after receipt of my letter saying it was severe dyskaryosis. I was also worried about how quick the appointment had been arranged.

The main thing is you're now in the system and they will get you sorted, I know it's hard but try not to worry your self sick at this stage. 

I delayed my last smear for 6 years stupid I know, I just didn't realise it had been so long so that was another worry. 

They may decide to treat you there and then on Friday, they did with me which I was quite relieved about really because I didn't want to have to go back another day to be treated. You then have approximately 4 weeks to wait for the results, which is where I am currently (3 weeks post lletz)

Good luck for Friday, please let us know how it goes xx



Thank you for getting back to me, I am so so worried. I suffer with anxiety anyway so this is seriously tipping me over the edge. 

No idea why they took so long to come back. I think it's terrible to be honest. 

My worry is the length of time I have been bleeding too. 

I will update as soon as I know but thank you for your reply

Danielle xx