Severely scarred and worried.

Hello everyone, So I put off having my smear for a few years as was embarrassed about the nurse looking at my bits ( I know it sounds silly now), well I put it on my 2017 new years resolution list at top of things to do. So I went on the 16th Jan and I've just received results of low grade dyskaryosis. So I've gone into meltdown thinking I'm going to die, so I've had a text to say that My appointment is booked for the 6th Feb. Well it has extremely worried me now as to why it's so quick. I've had to call and rearrange due to being on "wonky week". So I've now got 14 days + of worrying. Sorry to rant on but can anyone put my mind at ease. Thank you in advance x

Hiya Lilminxyme, firstly try not to worry. It is more than likely that they may of had a cancelltion and that it was located to you. I was found to have abnormal cells that were low grade and my appointment was booked for 4 weeks after my results came, i couldn't handle the wait as it was just on top of Christmas so I called to see if there were any cancellations to push my appointment forward. 

I found reading posts on here helped me a lot. Best wishes xx 

Hi. You are low gradeabnormal cells. All they will do is verify this at the colposcopy and remove them

I had my smear last month and it came back high grade - severe. I had my colposcopy the very NEXT day after reeiving the results letter. It was quick because they had a cancellation. There are lots of reasons why appointments come through quickly or not, so try not to panic about that. It doesn't mean you are any 'worse' than other people. 

I had my cells removed this week under general anaesthetic and they said it went well and I will get a letter with the full results. Then I am (all being well) on 6 monthly smears.

I too had random nasty thoughts in my head when I first received my results. I was thinking it is probably cancer... what if it's worse than it is... I missed my last smear so these bad cells will have been growing for years and they are probably really bad....

It does no good and doesn't change the outcome. You will be just fine. The NHS are really good with these things and it all most pretty swiftly.

Good luck! xx