Hi everyone hoping someone can help put my mind at ease! I had my first smear on July 5th and received my results 14th July saying the laboratory found some abnormal cells called high grade (severe) dyskaryosis in your sample and that I would need a colposcopy which I received the letter for the following day and the appointment for this is tomorrow. Should I be concerned my appointment has come through so quick? I’m also scared what will happen during this as my first thought was omg it’s cancer, will they be able to tell from the colposcopy? Also will I be OK to go to work after this? I am trying to think positive that I have had no symptoms but it’s so hard to not think of the worst :frowning:

Sounds like my experience I got my letter on 5th July and my appointment was the 11th July. I had high grade severe cells. when i got to the appointment was told I also had CGIN which means it's in the glands. Had the Lletz procedure to remove the cells there and then now waiting for results of biospy? It's very scary I'm scared witless but been positive best to get seen sooner than worry longer waiting to go. Hope you ok? 

Hope your ok! It is scary isnt it and everyone around me is telling me it will be fine not to worry, they dont understand and trying to explain is impossible which is making it harder and is why I posted on this as I have no one to talk to about it all. Yeah thats what I have been thinking better now than later as I had been putting my smear off for months so really glad now I went & hopefully can be treated quickly! Did they say how long the results will be? Im hoping its not too long so emotionally draining isnt it! x

4-6 weeks so it's very long, I'm the same been trying to be strong keep going but all I want to do is cry . A few people at work know and they keep asking me if I'm ok? What time is your appointment tomorrow? Fingers crossed all will be ok for you ? Just try to be positive that at least you getting it sorted 

Hi girls! My appointment also came through pretty quick! Recieved my results letter from my smear on 24th June, the next day I recieved my appointment letter for 29th June...and I thought the exact same like why do they want to see me so quickly?! Unfortunately I couldn't attend this appointment though as it would have been my time of month! I was gutted as I just wanted it to be over and done I had to wait another 2 weeks! Very anxiously waiting for my results now. I also got told 4 - 6 weeks wait for results. Only just past week 1 and going out of my mind!! :-\

I hope you get on ok at your appointment today SarahLeanne-x and wishing you both good luck with your results!! xx

So I had my colposcopy today and they did Lletz. Soon as I sat down the nurse told me not to worry and explained everything which helped put me at ease and had my fiancé with me thankfully to hold my hand through it all. They said I would need to make an appointment for a smear for in 6 months time (which the hospital did for me with my gp) and that I would get my results in 4 weeks. They made it sound like everything was OK and I had nothing to worry about but I thought until they had the result of the lletz they couldn't say? x

Glad it all went well let's keep fingers crossed its all over with and lletz has taken away the cells. this waiting for results is the hard part I think xx 

Thank you! Yes I am trying my best to be positive I was OK yesterday mainly I think it was just relief that it was over with but woke up today worrying now I am so inpatient so its going to be hard 4 weeks waiting! From what I have seen on this forum & in my own experience they explain so much about the physical effets but nothing about the emotional effects you will face! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you too & hope you get your results soon so you can stop worrying :) x