Feeling very worried

Hi All,


I received my smear results on the 05/03 which showed high grade dyskaryosis and then received my appoinment for my Colposcopy on 07/03 1 day later.


I called up to find out why i had received my appointment so quicky as the original letter said within 8 weeks.


The lady on the phone said i had to come in ASAP as i had severe abmornal cells.


My apointment is tomorrow tomorrow (1 week after i received my smear test results)


Im so scared about what they are going to do or say.


Has anyone else been told this.



Hiya I have the same my appointment was one week after I received my results with CIN3 they need to treat it as quickly as possible they don't like to sit and wait on it

at the colposcopy they'll check your cervix it's a bit like another smear but this time they'll put dye on to your cervix to highlight the abnormal cells and routinely they'll take a biopsy or do treatment that day which is Lletz with me I had a biopsy taking and no treatment as the area is large so I'm having treatment under ga rather then local, 

i know I can sit and say don't worry but I was worried sick before I had mine too thinking what were they going to find but please try not to worry too much and don't use google


good luck xxx

Hi Claudine


I was in exactly same position as you hun, a week after my smear i had colposcopy where i received treatment at the same time, i terrified myself and immeduatley thought the worst (its hard not to) its been 3 weeks since my treatment today and i received a letter friday just gone saying all cells were removed,

I guess what im trying to say that is we autonatically think the worst case i know i did but its all turned out ok for me and now i return in 6 months for check up.


I found the waiting the worst part so at least you arent waiting 8 weeks .... 8 weeks of worry you would drive yourself insane!


You are in the system now and will be looked after, i had severe abnomalities and it wasnt cancer ..... and they dont always turn cancer even if you do have them.


If you need to chat feel free to message me as i understand completely what you going through xx

Hey Ladies,


Thank your kind words. reading them makes me feel so much better.


I just really hope they can do the treatment tomorrow as any more waiting i think i might just pull my hair out.


If they say it is severesurely they wouldnt make me wait until they have had the results back from the punch biopsies.


But as Lola said if the area is large they will need to book you in to go under GA.


How did you feel after your treatment?




I'm still waiting for my appointment to have the treatment done


think it depends on your NHS area too as to how quickly they do things 



Mine were severe changes but only a small area so i was able to have treatment under local ...


To be honest when your getting it done it honestly feels like period pain/cramping and does after, however when the anesthtic wears off i had bad tummy ache so make sure you have paracetamol to hand and pref a hot water bottle, you need to rest for the day after treatment ... i felt fine to return to work the next day.


Just take it easy... i went to they gym 2 weeks after treatment as i felt totally fine then the next day experienced extremely heavy bleeding so for the weeks after make sure you are looking after yourself and dont be doing anything too strenious even if you feel fine.


I was like you hun i needed the treatment the same day for myself as i hadnt slept hadnt eaten, i was making myself ill.


Will be thinking of you xx


Just to try & reassure you but I think it is normal to get your colposcopy appointment through quite quickly. They refer you to colposcopy once your result are in so you have to remember you've already been referred days before you get your results through the post. 

Not that it helps us as I think we can all agree even a few days wait seems like a life time but there really is no major rush when it comes to just abnormal cells as it takes so long for them to change. But I think we can all agree the waiting is horrible & we just want it over with straight away. 

Hopefully they will be able to offer you treatment there & then so it is over quicker for you. 

i found this group a life saver when I was just starting out on my journey. 

Big hugs & keep us posted 


I cant believe how much support you lovely ladies are being.


Its so nice to know im not alone.


I will keep you all posted.