Freaking out



Firstly, I wanted to say how helpful and reassuring I've found this website and the forum in particular. I had a smear on 5th March which came back saying high grade dyskaryosis and have a colposcopy next week on 26th. The fact things have happened so fast have had been utterly freaked out and as I have stupidly avoided smears for goodness knows how long I've convinced myself it is cancer. Since then I've been googling and reading some really very sad things and some very frightening things.


Do you think the timeframe is significant? I'm going to [hospital name removed] does anyone have any experience of it?

Hi Kirin,

Each hospital is different but usually if it's high grade they will get you in quickly, normally in a fortnight or so. I know it's alarming when things move quickly but at least you are in the system now so they can get a full picture of what's going on asap, with anything untoward being nipped in the bud.

Also...AVOID google! Find some distracting activities and try not to self-diagnose before the professionals have had a nosy. (I type this having googled myself in to a blind panic when I was in the same boat).

I hope the colposcopy goes well, there are lots of helpful ladies on the forum to support and advise you.

All the best,

Jo xx

I was seen within two weeks of my smear result and that was just borderline. I think they like to refer women quickly so that they don't suffer a prolonged period of anxiety, because it's well-documented that abnormal smear/colposcopy etc. cause a great deal of anxiety in women (comparable to having major surgery!). So please don't read anything into it. You'll have it over and done with quickly :) xxx

Thank you for your responses. I don't think I've ever been so anxious and am currently having days where I'm less anxious to days where I'm verging on tears all the time. Today is a bad day. I'm saying the words "cancer" and "hysterectomy" a lot to try and normalise them. I struggle at work and am definitely more upset when I'm here but much better when I'm at home

Thank god it's the weekend. I'm moving house a few days after my colposcopy so that adds an extra level of stress as I don't know how I'm going to be feeling. I wish I could feel distracted but I really can't!

Sending you a virtual hug. It's completely normal and understandable to feel this level of stress about it. I'm feeling quite stressed at the moment because I know LLETZ is inevitable (technically waiting for results but I have seen my updated smear test from the colposcopy and have been told I'll need it). I just want it over with and the nasty cells removed! I found this quote on the Macmillan website:

"A cervical screening test can very occasionally detect early cervical cancer, but most women with an abnormal test result have early cell changes and not cancer.

Very few women with an abnormal test result have cancer of the cervix."

Of course you don't know what's going on, in detail, with your cervix yet, but cancer is only a remote possibility. You are much more likely to have CIN 2 or 3 which is not cancer and can just be removed, possibly there and then if it's in an 'easy to reach' spot and you feel comfortable with that (although heavy lifting wouldn't be recommended after that for a couple of weeks, so you might need someone else to do all the heavy aspects of moving, or to postpone the treatment?). I imagine you will feel a level of relief after the colposcopy. It's likely that the colposcopist will be able to reassure you that it's not cancer, there and then. I completely understand the emotional toll this is taking on you though. xxx

When do you think you'll have your results Pineapple? I have told a few people and am surprised by how many of my friends have been through this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's still pre-cancer stages. I'm hearing different opinions about the Lletz. Hospital leaflets say 'period pains' whereas friends have said I'll need time off work. i definitely won't postpone treatment. I've got two strong men to do the lifting.