colposcopy Brought forward

Hi everyone, had my letter 2 days ago to say I have high grade dyskaryosis, on the letter it said they'll be in touch within 5 days to arrange my colposcopy. Had a call today to say they had a cancellation for this Monday. I didn't feel scared, but now im absolutely terrified once again :( 

As I said in another post, I suffer from general anxiety disorder, and this is making me feel ill. I cannot stop worrying. Im having to take sleeping pills every night :( how does everyone else cope with the stress? What can I do to help me from worrying? I can't visit the doctors as my daughter is off school and I really don't want her listening. 

Ive never been so frightened in all my life


Hi,  in the same boat as you. im 26 have 2 girls my youngest only been 4 months so I had my first ever smear 2 weeks ago which come back as high grade dyskaryosis and I have my colposcopy on Monday 2. I'm bricking it :( xxx

Me too :( good luck with yours hun. I have two friends going through same thing, one of them has actually been diagnosed :( :( :( let me know how you get on xxx

Hiya ladies, I'm not going to say don't worry, as that's all we do

iv been through it and waiting for results off my Lletz which I'm hoping match my 

biopsies that were took, the colposcopy is a posher smear in my opinion, try to do all you can to take your mind off it

when I had my colposcopy my sister made me chat and laugh as did the nurse I wrapped my scarf around my hand

and bit in to that it worked for me, I would take someone with you though I was really shaking after mine and for a few 

hours afterwards I'm 29 with three children youngest is 8 months oldest is almost five xxx

Yeah I've asked my boyfriend to come with me he's managed to get it off work. 

So grateful for this forum as I feel that I have no one to talk to. Xxx


This forum is an absolute godsend each and every one on here know

what we are all going through regardless of the results there is always someone to talk too


This is the place to be!  Though I wasn't scared for the procedures, moreso the results, but once the colp is out of the way, the ball is rolling which is good.  Hugs x

I don't know why im scared of the procedure, because I I have piercings and tattoos lol, but the nurse who did my smear seemed rude and was really really rough. I think that's what is making me feel scared. But yes like you said it's better to get the ball rolling and find out what's what. Im definitely scared of the results :( I'll be having a good day then all of a sudden I remember then I go on a downer for the rest of the day. Xxx