freaking out

sorry to post again. iv been reading quite a lot on here over the last few weeks and a lot of you have said you had no symptoms, i have looked up the symptoms and i have every single one. my last smear was in 2015 and was normal but i had an examination at the doctors a month ago because of abnormal bleeding and she said my cervix doesnt look as healthy as it should but she doesnt want to worry me as it could be nothing. i have my colposcopy tomorrow evening and i feel like i cant breathe. my hubby and family just say its probably nothing and im worrying over nothing but i have all the symptoms so can it be anything else? i have 4 young children and im only 29 i dont want to die and i keep having panic attacks. i just want to wake up in the morning and it all be over :frowning: i dont expect anyone to reply as even i wouldnt know what to say. i just needed to let it all out before i go crazy

I'm going to say the thing that's the hardest to do....try not to worry.

If it is the worst news, it's usually early, it takes years to develop onto cancer and even more years to become untreatable. 

Be strong, concentrate on your kids, you never know what's round the corner but at least they have found this and can deal with it now.

I found the colposcopy a very easy experience I was in and out in 15 mins, I've had another and waiting for my results. Keeping busy. My partner won't discuss the what ifs till we have to. 

Good luck. 

Sweetheart first good luck today it's not as bad as you think. Ask the nurse as many questions as you want and need too.  I just keep busy because it's such a scary time xxxxx

Hi all I'm new to the site , I was diagnosed with high grade ( moderate) dyskariosis ( I think that's how it's spelt !) I had my colcoscopy done 28/4/17 and the wanted to treat me there and then , I freaked out so I'm having to go back on 25/4/17 for lletz and biopsy but they've found a lesion , I too have been in a panic , I suffer from severe anxiety so Iv spent most of my time crying and looking things up BUT then Iv come across jos, Iv rang the helpline a number of times and they've been so helpful Iv also been reading other ladies experiences on here and my doctor has also prescribed me some diazepam for the day , it is frightening and your bound to be worried but you never have to worry alone as there is jos helpline and the ladies on the forums are lovely too xxx

You aren't alone hun. You've got us and also a family and children. I've been recently diagnosed with low grade abnormal cells and my colposcopy is in early may. I'm scared because i haven't had children yet :(

Hi I have today had my LLETZ after finding out that I have High Grade CGIN following my smear test end of March. Now waiting for the results. 

The LLETZ itself was actually quite pain free and the nurses were fantastic. I feel that I've spent the last 2 weeks reading everything there is on this virus and the potential future which isn't doing me any good. 


13/4/17 - Results from smear test showing gandular changes 

20/4/17 - Colposcopy and wire loop to remove the glandular cells. 

Awaiting results