Hello and thanks - high grade dyskaryosis 2nd smear

Hi all, 


I just wanted to say I have, since getting my smear result letter/colposcopy appointment letter through yesterday saying I have high grade dyskaryosis (first smear in 2012 was clear), been through what feels like the entire internet and obviously at first decided I definitely 100% have cervical cancer, linked back ANY type of symptom I've had in the past few years to it, etc. And then I found this forum. Have read a great number of posts and would just like to say thanks - it's really put my mind at ease. Though it is difficult to keep my mind from straying to "well it could be...", I feel much more calm having read about how frequently this comes up! I am still obviously bricking it a bit, but since having a read of some of your experiences I haven't been at all upset. I have my colposcopy booked for 29th April and my boyfriend, who has been wonderfully pragmatic, is coming with me. 


Emma x

Hi Emma! I just wanted to say that I know how you are feeling. I had the same results after my 2nd smear in February so it's all still very fresh in my mind but I'be had treatment and I'm fine now so if you want to chat or ask any qu's I'll be more than happy to help! :) Take care xx

Hi Vicky! Thanks, that'd be cool! I am not the best with health anxiety as is, and within a few hours of getting the letter yesterday I somehow "developed" all the symptoms of cc that don't involve bleeding, so I know I am mainly just having a panic.

I've read that the Colp appointment settles nerves - is that so? I am totally certain I'll basically have a breakdown the day before...thank God my appointment is at 10.30! 

I think there are many of us 'developed' all of the symptoms quite quickly after finding out the smear results!

I found the colposcopy quite settling though, even getting it I wasnt at all panicked-i woke up that morning feeling more relaxed than I had since getting the results and even the consultant commented on how calm.I was being (since he had seen me the day before crying like a baby). I think my mind changed to 'ok, theres somethig going on in there, but now they are gonna look properly and sort it out so im fine with that'. Of course, i was up and down while waiting for my results but overall I managed to keep myself a lot calmer after the colposcopy!

At least you dont have too long to wait... good luck!


Hi Emma, I agree with Alex. I felt much more reassured during and after my colposcopy and treatment as I knew something was being done to treat the issue and the Dr and nurses were so supportive and put my mind at ease. I was fine and not too nervous waiting for my results for the next 10 days but in the 2nd to 3rd week of waiting I did have a few wobbles and panics but kept trying to remind myself of the reassurance the Dr gave me. It’s not an easy thing to go through at all but the wait before the colposcopy for me was the worst part. J xxx