Please help! Sick with worry...

I had my smear on 25 Augus, received an appt to go for a colposcopy on this coming Tuesday, the letter said I had high grade dyskaryosis, does this mean I have a high chance of having cancer? I was 2 years late having my smear, I could kick myself, I have 2 young children and am scared to my wits end, I can't sleep or concentrate on anything, I'm literally having constant panic attacks! My GP has tried his best to reassure me today, but I am still in a mess! Sorry for ranting on.

Thanks in advance for any replies xx

Hi, I had my smear test done in July and mine came back sating I had high grade dyskaryosis, like you I panicked as it's the first time it's come back abnormal.

I went for my colposcopy on the 18th August I'm not going to lie I found it very uncomfortable, she sent it away for a biopsy and I am awaiting my results.

It's hard not to panic as I have been worried sick but I decided to stop worrying myself until my results come back.

I have 3 young children so I know how scared u must feel.

I hope your colposcopy goes ok and try not to worry til there's something to worry about that's how I have coped.

I hope this helps good luck hun xx 

Hi mine also said high grade. I had my colposcopy today, it was fine (see detailed post on other forum). The Dr was very reassuring, and said she didn't think it was anything serious. She took a biopsy to be sure, but gIvan what she said I'm much more relaxed than I was this morning.

Please try not to worry. Hope all goes well.