First colposcopy aged 24

Hi ladies, have read through every single post on here trying to educate myself but thought it better to actually ask your opinions on my situation! Last Tuesday I had my first smear, a week to the day I got my results stating high grade dyskaryosis, well as you can imagine I absolutely freaked out. In the letter it stated that I would be called for a colposcopy within 8 weeks, but luckily I have private health cover so was able to be seen yesterday. I had my colposcopy with the most lovely consultant gyno who really put my mind at rest. Before we went in he said that for people my age he prefers not to treat on the day unless he is 100% certain the cells will need treatment, once we were inside he showed me the area saying it was small, around 1cm, and that it looked like CIN2 to him. He then said 'well this does not look like cancer to me'. As we were leaving he said he thinks I will probably need treatment but maybe not we'll see from the biopsy. As I came out I was feeling loads better. Anyway, today I get a letter from the hospital giving me my NHS colposcopy appt which is for next Friday! I'm freaking out again now, they've obviously rushed me in, and now I'm worrying about the fact the gyno took 3 biopsies from me. Should I just keep focusing on what I've been told by the consultant? I feel like I'm just reading into everything too much and driving myself mad :( Please reply with any thoughts, thank you so much xxx



Hi Harri,

Please try not to panic (easier said than done!) I believe you're supposed to be referred for a colposcopy within 2 weeks for CIN2/3 (moderate/high) so please don't worry about them rushing you - it's just standard procudure :) obviously you can't know anything for sure until you get your biopsy results, but if your consultant was confident enough to say to you it didnt look like cancer, hold on to what he said - they don't say that lightly :) (again I also know this is easier said than done! at my colposcopy I asked the nurse how it looked and she said 'not as bad as I was expecting' whcih both reassured me and freaked me out at the same time - what was she expecting?!) you probably won't be able to think about much else until you get your results back, but try and find something that takes your mind off it for a bit and try to relax. I won't throw any more cliches in the mix. but I hope you're ok - you will get through this :) and when everything is sorted you'll feel a huge weight off your shoulders :) x x x 

Thank you so much for replying. I have major anxiety now as I'm constantly waiting for the phone to ring to give me bad news! Think it's worse that I'm private as I'm expecting the results within 2 weeks so every time the phone rings I jump! I'm now on day 5 of the hideous wait.. If there was any obvious lumps or bumps the consultant would have said wouldn't he? All I keep thinking about now is the nabothian cyst I know I've had for a couple of years! xx

If he was confident enough to show you the area of abnormality and explain everything to you that sounds good :)

I hated the wait - everytime my phone rang or I had a missed call (worse, a missed call and a text...could = voicemail!) my stomach felt like it was going to fall out through my feet. Think positive though - as you're private at least you won't have to wait too long! I have everything crossed for you :) let us know how you get on :) x

Thank you so much for your lovely replies and I'm so happy for you that everything worked out :) day 6 is over and done with! X

Woo! One day at a time! The longer the wait, the more likely it's not bad news :) x