Colposcopy today - panicking!

Hi all. I only got my smear results on Thursday - high grade dyskaryosis. On Saturday my colposcopy appointment arrived. The appointment was for Monday. That’s today. The fact that the turn around was so quick has freaked me out. From what I’ve read less than a week is pretty unusual. It’s all happened so fast.
It doesn’t help that my mum had cc at 35. I’m 34. I know there’s not supposed to be a genetic link but still, it doesn’t help my nerves.
My appointment is in 2.5 hours. At least then I might have some answers.
I’m finding that I just can’t talk to anyone about this. I just can’t find the words and my husband is giving me the standard ‘it’ll be ok’

So all done but didn't go as well as I hope. They  did a loop diathermy and removed a piece about the size of half a 5p. After they struggled to stop the bleeding which I was told may indicate that the abnormality was deeper than they had removed or there may be some cancerous cells present. They stopped the bleed eventually with a coagulant and applied antibiotic cream as a precautio.

I'm sure I heard him ask the nurse to rush through the biopsy results. At the end he said if the cells come back pre cancerous they've likely removed it all So no further treatment. If it's cancerous but less than 3mm thick again most likely all removed so no further treatment. Anything else I'll be back for more treatment and hysterectomy was mentioned which is not nice to here. In fact I was shocked he even mentioned it.

So I'm just back to waiting for results again I guess!

Anyone have a similar experience during colposcopy?


Sounds like you've hadone a rough day! Sorry I had my colposcopy on Wednesday and although she said it was definitely cin3 they took a couple of biopsies and I'm back on 5th of spring for treatment so just waiting on results which is awful. Hopefully they removed everything fingers crossed for you please keep us updated xxxx

5th of April ***

Thanks it's good to know that Im not the only one waiting around for result. I hate waiting. 

Heres hoping your treatment goes well and results are ok. I'm hoping for no more than Cin 3. I never thought I'd be happy with that!