Colposcopy today - mixed feelings

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

I have my colposcopy this afternoon at 4pm, feel like my head is going to explode - its a big rollercoaster of emotions isn't it!

I feel prepared after speaking to lots of people and doing lots of reading but still feeling scared!


Hi Sarah

I too was absolutely terrified until I discovered quite a few ladies who had experienced the same thing, they put my mind at rest! The nurses were lovely and made me feel so at ease. I found the procedure absolutely fine and I had Lletz at the same time it was over very quickly! 

So please try not to worry best wishes xx

Hi Sarah,

Dont worry you'll be fine. The colposcopy really isnt bad at all, it is very similar to a smear infact i think it is a bit more comftable because you've got the stirrups to put your legs in. I had the same smear results as you high grade Dyskaryosis. The nurse will insert the speclum and have a look she may treat you the same day depending on your clinic and if she thinks you definitley need treatment i had my treatment the same day and it took about 10 minuets i didn't feel a thing. My Colposcopy appointment was 9am and i left the clinic at 09:35 thats with the chat with the nurse beforehand where she explained everything to me in detail.

Hope it all goes ok xx

Thank you ladies, all done! The doctor doing the colposcopy said it's not cancer and really doesn't think it's high grade dyskaryosis either which is confusing as that's what my smear results said! What a relief though! 

Biopsy taken and will get my results in 3-4 weeks, I feel so relived!!


Hey just wanted to add my experience in case it helps, had a history of clear smears,(31 now but certain I had smears before the age of 25) just returned from holiday to show my smear came back high-grade dyskaryosis was booked in for colposcopy 16/06 I was nervous the week leading up to it but happy the day has arrived as these cells what ever they are, are better out than in! So I was called through 2 nurses and the doctor he explained what was going to happen I.e have a look if he see's what the smear results said he will remove the cells using lletz - you have to sign a disclaimer as it can ( very slight I assume but can affect future pregnancies ) ( I don't have any children, yet )  so I go through and sit in the chair the nurse was keeping me engaged the whole time so go along with it as it really does distract you, he inserted the speculum ( clamp thingy which I think hurts initially but then after 15 seconds is fine ) and starts dabbing things on I didn't feel any pain here, then he injects my cervix I felt a slight scratch ( no pain and I'm a wuss ) but he told me to cough and that helped I have 2 injections, he waited a while and then they put a plaster on my leg and started a machine, I didn't feel pain but after he said it was either a small loop ( not sure if there different sizes ) or small area! My whole appointment took 30 mins from start to finish, that afternoon a few hours later I slept I suppose it was relief more than anything and a release of anxiety! Went to work the next day, so far had very little pain and only a slight discharge - pad first day then I've been using panty liners and changing three times a day - have been into running etc recently I'm not gonna push it just yet I'll wait however I went on a slow 2 mile walk today and honestly have felt a little ache on my right side so I will be careful not to over do it! Hope  helps I know everyone is different xx take care everyone thanks everyone for sharing it helped me xx