Colposcopy today

Have my colposcopy today after smear result of high grade (moderate) on 17th April.

Cant help thinking the worst. Anxiety is through the roof right now cry 

I'll be thinking of you! I'm sure you'll be well looked after, do let us know how it goes.

I have mine on Thursday after results of HPV+ and high grade (severe) cells, so I can totally appreciate how anxious you must be feeling


  • Hi Aimee.

Had my colposcopy earlier today. I was so anxious as soon as the nurse called my name I just burst in tears. She said it was quite normal and they see it a lot. It was 2 nurses and a lady colposcopist. They really put my mind at ease and gave me gas and air which made it far more bareable. It was more uncomfortable then painful. They did my procedure there and then and took a biopsy. I asked if it was cancer and she said she's 99% sure it isn't. She believes it's CIN 2 but biopsy will confirm this. Currently laid in bed feeling a little sorry for myself. Feeling a little shaky but I think that's more anxiety then anything else. A little discomfort since. Really hope yours goes ok xx