Colposcopy tomorrow extremely nervous

Hi everyone 

I am going in for a colposcopy tomorrow, and I am so scared and nervous I'm getting myself into a panic and just want to cancel.

I'm so scared it's going to hurt, I hate having pap smears so I am dreading this 

Just wanting to know what to expect?


Please don't cancel it. I had one in August and another one due in February. I built it up in my head and was quite hysterical by the time I had to have the procedure. For me it was uncomfortable and there was a small amount of pain but it is over very quickly. The nurses were so kind. I didn't have anyone with me so I feel like I missed a lot of info but the nurses went through my questions after and gave me a number to call for any other queries. This time I feel fine about the procedure as I know what to expect, I'm not dreading it at all. I hope this provides some reassurance. Good luck!

Awe pleased try not to worry.

I had mine last week and it was absolutely fine, I was in my own and the consultant and nurses where fantastic  

Is it a biopsy you're going for? Please please please don't cancel. It is nerve wracking but its totally worth it. The nurses are lovely, and it's over within minutes. 
I always think that if I let anything like this go, and the worst were to happen..these appointments would be alot worse and in worse circumstances. 

It will be okay - Get yourself checked. Its too important not too :) Once its over you'll feel 10x better x

Hello ladies


Just got home from my appointment, am glad I did it. Was very uncomfortable but not too painful. Now to wait for the biopsy results 


Thankyou all 

I was the very same! It was  absolutely fine! Had mine done 4 weeks ago tomorrow and still waiting for my results! I called the doctors and they told me over the phone! No cancer cells found so current going back to 3 years smears! I’m so happy I went and now I dont need to get so worried! Xx hope all goes well 

Sorry to jump on post (unsure how to start a thread) so hi all,

Firstly can I just say what a wonderful forum - the ladies on here are incredibly brave and friendly.


After clear STI checkups, being cleared of UTI infection (but having blood in the urine still) accompanied with mostly back pain, sometimes tummy pain and spotting (mid pill cycle and after sex) my doctor wanted to do the equivalent of a smear test (but without the little brush, as i’m only 23) and she found and used the term ‘obscure blood’ on my cervix. She has referred me for Colposcopy and an ultra sound and I am now waiting for the hospital to ring to confirm the appointment. I think especially because of my age and being referred (as I’ve seen this perhaps always isn’t the case) I’m worrying a little extra. Does anyone have any advice regarding this at this age? I moved away from home last July, now 2 hours from my Mum, so, as silly as it sounds, waiting for the hospital to ring is also getting me slightly down - i cant focus very well on other things. Does anyone know when I should expect to hear from them? I am now Leeds based.


Thanks again and a lot in advance 

That is wondeful news! My doctor told me my results will be back next week I'm hoping for the same results as you