Colposcopy tomorrow

Hi all 

I've got my colposcopy appointment tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell!!!!

I have days where I'm fine and realise I'm worry too much over something I have no idea what I've got wrong with me.

Other days I just feel in my gut Im not going to walk away with the best news tomorrow.

Anyway can't sleep so thought I'd write on here just to get it off my chest.

Also have dentist at 10 tomorrow so a very anxious and nerve wracking day for me .....don't do things by halves me haha!!!

Hi, I hope your colposcopy went well today.  It's not pleasant but a essential.  

Was the dentist worse?

Fingers crossed you don't need any follow up treatment, goodluck with your results



previously clear smears

June 15 smear abnormal

july15 colposcopy high risk hpv & cin3

aug 15 Lettz (desperately awaiting result so)


Hi Sadie 

The dentist weren't too bad got some work to do there!!

The colposcopy weren't as scary as I thought. Lovely lady explained everything and was very calming and reassuring xx

Explained it's more than likely CIN1 she had no concerns ......Whilst doing the test it turns out it's more likey CIN2.

Took a couple of biopsies and told me to expect the results and an appointment within a couple of weeks. Said in 4 weeks I will have had my result letter and had the treatment necessary.

So hopefully this time next month it should be over with.

Fingers crossed for you and your results hopefully not long to wait hun xx