Colposcopy today

Hi ladies
So I had my colposcopy today and I was so anxious it was unreal…the nurse their was lovely made me feel a bit better
Anyways they had a look at my cervix…so did I on the monitor… she said my cervix looked fine she did see a few abnormal cells…so I have to come back in 2 weeks to have treatment…she suggested that I had general anaesthetic as I was so anxious…she said theirs no way she would be able to do it with me awake …we joked about it…
I did ask her if she had a idea of the results she did say she can’t be 100% sure but she did say she’s 99% sure theirs no cancerous cells…
Can they tell by just looking?
She did say she would be very shocked if it came back anything sinister
I guess she has made me feel a bit at ease
So I guess I have to wait 2 weeks for treatment and biopsy

So glad it went ok Sarah all sounds pretty positive to me I hope mine goes the same today wish me luck I will let you know how it goes x

Hey leah

Just wanna wish u luck today...

Hope all goes well x

Hi Sarah

Yes, they can take an educated guess just by looking - mine said she thought CIN1 or 2 and the biopsies came back as mostly CIN1 with some localised areas of CIN2.

I had mine under GA too. I did try to have it done under local, as I wanted to avoid needing any time off work (I'm self-employed so no work, no pay!) but it didnt go too well. She tried to give me the anaesthetic and I nearly hit the ceiling! I must have jumped a foot off the table :-)

I found the GA fine though, although I was worried before hand as I have never had anything medical done to me in all of my 44 years, and certainly not a GA or operation. When I came around, I felt pretty much the same as I do when I wake up in the morning, had a little diziness over the next couple of days but nothing major. If you can, try to get a Friday appointment, then you've got the weekend to recover!

Best of luck, hope it all goes well for you


Thanks for the reply moggy

I have my appointment on Monday as they have a cancellation so quite worried.....but hopefully will all go well x