Colposcopy this evening

Morning All

Well I have my colposcopy this evening, I am literally shaking this morning, am not scared about the procedure but terrified he is going to get in there and tell me it’s cancer. Had an awful weekend, no sleep, lots of tears. Other half and I had a huge argument yesterday, we went looking for houses and I really didn’t want to go, he’s been very supportive but yesterday he was frustrated with me as I’ve been so down. He reckons it’s not normal to be this anxious. Because I’ve been referred with symptoms and not an abnormal smear (no results from that yet) I am guessing they will take a biopsy which will mean more waiting. I can’t stand this anymore, everyone just keeps telling me not to worry!:frowning:

Hi love, sorry you're having such a hard time. It is absolutely normal to be anxious. I have my first 6 month checkup today at 12 (I don't know if it's a smear or colposcopy) and spent most of yesterday in tears. This morning I just want to curl up in to a ball and sleep till its all over! You're not alone, I wish you all the best xxx

Hi Jo


thanks for your message, I hope things went well for you today.  I am feeling very lucky this evening as my colposcopy was clear, cervical erosion nothing to worry about, no signs of any abnormal cells when the dye test was done.  He took another 2 smears to be sure and I'll get the results in a week but he isnt expecting any problems. These boards were a godsend 9 years ago and helped me get through these last 2 weeks, so thanks to everyone xx