Nervously Waiting...


I've never really written on a forum before but have found this to be so much help from reading threads I thought i'd post my own.

I had my smear test on the 20th November as I was invited to my first screening at 24 and 6 months. I was shocked when the results came back as High Grade (severe) dyskaryosis. My initial thoughts were panic driven and I thought I was going to be told I had cancer. I was given a colposcopy appointment yesterday and I was again shocked, but this time at how little I was told during my appoinment.

All the nurses and doctor told me was that sometimes they don't agree with the initial results to would be just taking a biopsy to make sure they were correct and that they would then do the LLETZ treatment. What I don't understand is why they need to wait for the results if they are so sure they will need to do the treatment, especially as I know various people with the same results who had treatment at the same time as the colposcopy. In my opinion it is dragging it out even longer and giving it more time to get worse.

I have no idea what to think now as they didn't tell me anything remotely reassuring or tell me what they thought after completing the colposcopy.

Has anybody else had un-helpful nursing staff? I keep trying to think if they aren't doing treatment right away it can't possibly be as bad as I was thinking but then I can't shake the feeling that maybe they haven't done treatment because its worse than they thought and they have to wait to do a different treatment. This has all been brought on because the doctor and nurses yesterday told me literally NOTHING about my results and practially pushed me out of the room once i'd had my colposcopy.

I'm now just unsure what to think and know that waiting 4-6 weeks, especially over Christmas is going to be extremely difficult.

Sorry I just needed a place to vent! :)

Hey hun, the nurses and consultant also didnt say anything during my colposcopy, i know other people who have had the same, dont stress about it too much, youll be fine xx

hi hun big hugs to you

you sound like me lol i had my smear in oct am 24 n 6 month to it came bk abnormal then they send me for colp and did 2 biopsis they did not tell me anything and by the time i was up and dressed the lady who did the biopsis was gone so i left just been told to wait 6 week i was also like y did they not just do the llets there and then ? anyway 2 weeks later i had a letter saying my biopsis was high grade and i am back at hoss Aweek today for a view to treatment so am like well am i haveing the llets ct but they just dont tell us inuff and for the letters they word things so bad anyway how are you feeling and trust me the wait inbetween the results is the worst lol xxx

Thanks everyone!

Its just hard when they don't tell you a thing and your left with all these questions. It must be irritating to be given high grade results from the smear, then to have your biopsy and told the same thing again when they could of just done the treatment at the colposcopy like many women do.  I feel ok at the moment, just a little sore from the biopsy as the doctor wasn't the most gentle of people!

I hope your treatment goes ok! :) x

I'm not sure why some hospitals do the treatment at the same time as the colposcopy and why some don't.  I personally had my lletz at the same time (I'm high grade - severe). But I too felt like I was given very little information. Nothing was said to me throughout my treatment and the experience wasn't very pleasant.  I was just given an after care sheet and sent on my way. I think it just depends what hospital you go to, because some women on here seem to have a lot of information given to them at their colposcopy while others have very little. I hope that everything goes okay for you.

I was told at my colp thay she agreed with my smear that the changes was mild. She took 2 biopsies and told me she was convinced i would only have to a check up smear in 6 months because of my age it would probably regress. Then it was just 'dont worry and dont google'  My biopsy then showed CIN2 and i'd need treatment! So was pretty miffed to say the least

I agree the information were given is too vague and stupid comments like don't go googling dont help, cause the first thing i did was go on google. We're told we can call and go see our GP for any questions but why aren't we given these appointments after an abnormal smear then after a colp? I suppose on 1 hand they dont give us too much information incause they are wrong and can cause more worry, but a leaflet and long waits is not helpful IMO xxxx