Waiting so long for results! :(

Hello girls!

I am new here and I am just wondering if anyone else is having problems with receiving biopsy results? I had my first smear test in December and it came back low grade dyskaryosis so was referred for a colposcopy. The doctor said it would be unlikely that I would have serious cell changes and probably would have CIN1. However, when he looked at my cervix he seen an area that he didnt like so he took a biopsy. 

This was 7 weeks ago now and I have been contacting the hospital for a couple of weeks. The results are there but no one seems to be sending them over to me. I also keep ringing my GP and they havent recieved anything either. So basically my results are sitting there but for some reason no one is sending them over Cry. God knows how long they have been sitting there and now im getting really upset and anxious about it. Has anybody else had this issue before? 

Help muchly appreciated! Thank you xox 


I feel your pain. I had a letter that was dated 3 weeks before the post stamp date so it took them 3 weeks to send it out!

I hope you get some answers soon! My follow up results normally take 8-9 weeks and then by that time I start worrying about my next follow up!

Sending hugs x

Hello There!

I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue! I didn't know if this was a thing that happened but I guess it must do. 

Weirdly after I posted this I got a phone call from the doctor. Basically they are short staffed and he said I should have only waited 4 weeks max. He did apologise a lot and i guess the nhs are super stretched right now:( However not great news...the result was inconclusive so I have to go for another colposcopy in May :(. He said I am borderline cin2 but they can't be certain because it is such a small area. Not sure whether to get a second opinion elsewhere :( 

Thank you for your response x

Yes I know how frustrating it can be. The only good thing for me is that I have the gyno secretary's number and sometimes she will tell me results or at least say they will be writing to me which signals to me it can be seriously bad news otherwise they would be calling me in. 

Sorry to hear the results are inconclusive, that must be so disheartening. I hope you get some answers soon x