Hi, I'm new here but I've been lurking for a few days. Anyway I am 30 and just had my first ever smear, (I've had 5 children so always been pregnant when due for one) I had my last baby 7 months ago and rang to book myself in for one, fast forward to 4 days after the smear - I received a letter saying I have severe dyskaryosis and it is unlikely it is cancer but I need further investigation and the hospital will contact me for a colposcopy, I was in total shock and in a way expected something to come back due to this being my first smear. So I have spent all christmas googling! Which is not the best idea, this website has put me at ease a little more which helps. I had my letter on the 18th dec and still not heard anything yet in regards to an appointment for colposcopy. Is anybody going through similar? 



It is a scary time. I went through the same about 2 months ago, and had LLETZ at the beginning of November. They are right it is unlikely to be cancer and fingers crossed it should be removed in one loop treatment. I worried to death though and googled like mad even though I knew I shouldnt! I went in for my appointment about 2 weeks after my results letter, but it seems to be different depending on what area you are in and also around Christmas it may take a little longer. Hopefully they will be able to treat you on the day so you can get it all out out of the way! 

If you have any questions about anything, I am happy to help if I can


Cat x 

Thank you both for replying, I'm assuming the delay is just due to the Christmas period. Talking of period I got mine today, so an appointment in the next 5 days would be no good anyway? I'm assuming they don't do a colposcopy during A period? I hope not i don't fancy that experience!

I could be wrong but I think they still do them if you are on your period esp in the last couple of days

agreed - not the nicest though!