Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has been in the same or similar situation to myself.

I am 25 and had my first smear test, which came back slightly abnormal cells & HPV positive. My letter said I would received a referral letter within 2 weeks and if I haven't to chase it up.

I am going to America at the beginning of June and will not be returning until July 6th. I spoke to the hospital who deals with the appointments and she was worse than useless. She said to me there are people in a worse situation than me and I will just have to wait. My main concern is that, if I have to wait until after my holiday that will mean it would have been 5-6 months since receiveing an abnormal result. I explained that my nerves are horrendous whilst waiting and she said that I will need to wait another month to receive a letter, then got me off to phone!

I am so worried that in the time I am waiting and going on holiday that I will come back to a worse outcome! has anyone else had to wait this long for a referral??

I totally understand there are people in a worse situation than me, but I don't want to leave mine to turn into something worse.



Thank you in advance!

Hi luv! 

First of all, I am sorry for your experience with the receptionist - she could have handled this in a much kinder way.

Because of how long it takes for CC to grow, waiting several months isn't concerning from a medical standpoint. To give you some perspective, on average it takes ten years for cervical cancer to grow from dysplasia (I'm not a doctor, but I've googled enough of this to thoroughly give a pretty good runup on it!). With your results being slightly versus high, that's even better news (if you can look at this as good news at all). 

I hope that this helps calm your nerves - it is not a fun place to be in. Sending you lots of love and hugs from America.


I've been in exactly the same situation on 2 appointments for colposcopys! My thinking is that if it was more urgent they would get you in sooner, if they're not worried, neither am I (in theory!)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your responses :) just to let you know I have now had the Colposcopy and there was only a subtle amount of HPV left so the nurse suspects that it is on it's way out. She did say it took her a while to find anything which was a good sign, so I will have a re-call in 6 months time to double check then hopefully i'll be going back to 3 yearly smear tests.

Can I just say though, as daunting as these appointments are it was not half as bad as what I thought it would be. It just feels like a longer smear test if i'm honest. You cannot feel them doing anything, and they kept on talking to me to take my mind off of it. Once I had spoken all about my up coming holiday and what I had planned it was all over and done with :) 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions on what happens etc.

Hugs to you all going through this difficult time.

Lauren x