Hello. Newbie here, waiting for biopsy results

Hello all,

Nice to meet you! I'm very glad I found this forum and can chat to people who are in the same boat. I had my colposcopy on the 16th following two smears which both came back with 'severe dyskariosis'. The colposcopy was a bit of an ordeal (apparently my cervix is 'up the back and around the corner' :s). They took three biopsies, and now I am driving myself round the bend waiting on results. How are the rest of you doing with the waiting around? Is there anything you've found to help take your mind off it? All I have heard from close friends and family is 'not to worry', which I'm finding a bit of an impossible task! Cheers for your time.

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Hi! I had the same smear result as you, was sent for colposcopy and had 2 biopsies taken.  I was driving myself crazy waiting for the results too, one day was ok and the next was in tears with worry.  I gave in and phoned the hospital after almost 3 weeks of waiting, they said I had to wait and I explained that I was stressed out waiting and she gave me the results over the phone, two days later they arrived in the post.  I would suggest giving them a call as you never know they might be just sitting there!  No harm in trying!  My biopsy results came back 'mild abnormality' after being told it was severe from the smear test.  Fingers crossed it is the same for you!  Wanted to share my news with you as just because the smear showed it was servere it doesn't always mean bad news.  Fingers crossed for you :) xx

Thanks, Poppy111! I'm exactly the same. Think I'm doing well distracting myself then just randomly start getting weepy. I'm only on week 2 of waiting, althought I'm getting a tonsillectomy on Friday so I'm sure that'll distract me for a little while. I'll definitely try giving them a phone in a few weeks. I'm so glad that you got good news back! It must be such a relief. I hope that any treatment you need goes well :)

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Hi! I'm also awaiting biopsy results after my first abnormal smear. I had the letter saying high grade dyskaryosis, and was booked in for a Coloposcopy and LLETZ on the day. I had to have a family holiday and wedding abroad first which was great for taking my mind off it but since the proceedure I have now been waiting 3 and a half weeks for the results. I phoned after three weeks, and the receptionist said its still with the lab. So here's me thinking one minute, that's good, any bad results would have been addressed straight away, and the next minute, what if they are redoing tests to confirm something bad, or is my consultant away so she hasn't been able to phone with bad news. I know that doesn't help you at all but my advice would be to assume that if you didn't hear anything in the first week or so, that there's nothing they are concerned enough about to rush for.

I do have a close friend who has had three LLETZ, one cin2, one cin3 and another 1st stage cancer and she is convinced that the longer results take, the better they will be :-) I do hope you get your letter soon though, as I understand what a roller coaster the waiting can be. I have found that by planning something to do every morning, taking me out of the house around the time the postman arrives, has helped, and if you read through other women's stories on here, not one of them state that they waited three or four weeks before getting bad news :-) xx

Thanks, Louizabelle, it's comforting that at least we're all still waiting together! I'm sure the general rule is, the later you hear back the better. If it's something bad people seem to have heard back within two weeks. Hopefully you will hear some good news soonish! How did you find the LLETZ? I imagine that's in store for me sometime in the near future and I'm a bit nervous considering how uncomfortable I found the colp.

Aw your poor friend, that sounds like such a nightmare. I'm thinking this week will be the worst for waiting as it's kind of the 'bad news week', and I'm getting a tonsillectomy on Friday so a little anxious about that as well. But I'm sure after friday I'll be too preoccupied with my tonsils to worry too much about my cervix. Until then, I'm going to take your advice about avoiding the postman :)

Best of luck, please let me know how you get on! Will keep everything crossed for you.

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Hi sm, i won't lie to you, the LLETZ was uncomfortable. Once or twice I found myself lifting my backside off the chair/bed but it didn't hurt, I think it was just a natural traction to someone being somewhere thy shouldn't! I can honestly say I didn't feel the local anaesthetic injection, and I didn't smell anything burning as some people say they do. There were two lovely nurses as well as my consultant, plus a trainee onlooking. A bit embarrassing! But they were all lovely. It took no longer than 5-10 minutes. A afterwards ha personally had very little bleeding and slight period like pains later that evening. Paracetamol wasn't even needed. I had watery discharge for about two weeks, and after a few days was shedding the I brown lumps of stuff they smear on to help the healing but my consultant told me she had put that on so I had no need to panic! It really was not a horrendous experience, just undignified and a touch uncomfortable. 

I hope your tonsil op goes well, anit does take your mind off the waiting game. Compared to the longer recovery of having them out, the LLETZ will be a breeze :-) xx