my colposc

So hi im a 25 yr old mother of two, just had a womb prolaps which led me to my Gps who encouraged me to go for my first smear test. within a week i had a letter that has shook my world up and told me i have servere dyskosis (cin 3) and have a colposcopy booked for next thursday (9th May) im so scared of the outcome of this and cant help but fear the worst, the procedure is not to concerning to me but i just feel my world has been turned upside down. i feel im putting a huge emotional strain on those very close around me that know including my fiance of 7 years. How have you coped with this waiting stage?

Also has anyone else had this as a first smear result as most i have seen an read had some indication at previous smears that thing where gradually getting worse?


Moo xx 

Hi Moo,

Whilst this was not my first smear test, all my others before this were fine so I was expecting this one to be.  After I got the letter I had a bit of a meltdown, panicking about not being able to have children or worse.

Having the colposcopy and biopsy on Monday just gone actually made me feel better.  The consultant didn't seem too concerned and explained what will happen.  In 96% of cases the first treatment will sort this out.  I am worried that I might be in that 4% but I just have to cross that bridge if I come to it...

Just wanted to let you know that there are others going through a similar experience

Sub xx

Thank you so much, its very reassuring to know im not alone and that your consultant was not concerned, yes like you say you can't help but be concerned.

Please keep in touch as it seems we may be going threw the waiting game for results together. i am shocked to dicover howmany people are actually going though this in silence, but if like me many dont want to burden friends and family with the worry so dont tell eachother. How was you the remander of the day i see it recomends rest xx

Hello, You replied to my post so I'm returning the favour :)

My colp. was fine and the staff were lovely, as I'm London based they take a biopsy before deciding on treatment which I'm likely going to have on June 14th at my follow up.

Try not to worry, Ha ha! Wish I could take my own advice! Looks like we'll all be wauting together...waiting is the worst!


K x

Hey Moo

I'm in the same boat, going for a biopsy on the 16th, and obviously, as with everyone else terrified.

I called the unit again this morning cause the last nurse said I wouldn't be getting a colposcopy and the nurse explained that sometimes they just do biopsies but as I've insisted they're going to do a colposcopy too. I don't want them cutting bits out of me blind!  At least see where to go...

Very nervous, I'm in Scotland, they've advised on the phone it's not a see and treat situation, they want to get results from the biopsy first before deciding on any treatment if necessary.

Definitely feeling a bit better now I'm going to have a colposcopy too

Moo let us know how you get on at your colp, hopefully it's not as bad a picture as google paints it!


Hi Moo...for what it's worth all my smears over the last 14 years have been normal until the last one - cin3 & cgin3! So, i understand your anxiety as you wonder how you can go from normal to 3 just like that. Think it's to do with the hpv virus & at what point your body is at in trying to fight it (it can take up to 2 years.) Personally I've just presumed that previous smears were done when the virus was dormant but this time the virus must have been active. As for the procedure it's not pleasant but defo no pain. A colposcopy is just like a smear except you are in a more comfy chair & they have an external microscope so can see which bits they need to see. They spray inside you a dye which can be slightly stingy (but very brief) & this shows the consultant where the abnormalities are. When you get there tell the nurses you are anxious & they will help you through it. It really doesn't take long & you may feel period type pain after but go home, put your feet up & rest! You will then probably sigh a relief it's all over then start the worrying all over again waiting for the results - it's all normal! You are doing the right thing in being checked & in coming on here. The ladies here are soooo supportive & helped pick me up when i was worrying too much. Good luck moo & hope you get on ok x

Hi Moo,

The colposcopy and biopsy was fine.  The doctor made me cough when I had the biopsy so no pain at all, just a bit of discomfort during the colposcopy.  Since Monday just had light bleeding and a couple of blood clots (totally normal) but don't think I'll have it much longer.  Good luck and let us know how you get on


Wow thanks ladies its wonderful to have support, I had a really down morning today and felt out of motivation which consequently had a very stroppy and emotional 6 yr old boy (he is very in tune with his mummys emotions) thankfully a friend of mine works at his school and I could confide in her as I didn't want him getting in trouble when he is only exhibiting emotional behaviour. Its so tough to pretend your not worried sick about it, dont you think?  Afternoon was much better optimism returning.  we will all get threw it one way or another but whatever the outcome at least we have understanding support in eachother. 

Hi Im 25 too and my first smear came back abnormal. Had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and cant think of anything but the results. I hope yours come back fine! I have my fingers crossed for you   I too am finding if difficult to tell anyone and went to the hospital by myself much to the doctors surprise but just can't bring myself to say it out loud...makes it more real! Let us know when you hear anything x