First smear results in

Hi all i am 24 and have recently been for my first smear test i recieved my results yesterday which came back as highly abnormal and i am to attend a colposcopy

I have never been so scared in all my life and straight away cried my eyes out thinking i had cancer this website has helped lots im so scared to go for the colposcopy

does anyone know as my letter didnt give me an appointment date or a number to call does this automatically be sent through the post also any advise on this would be amazing iv not stopped worrying

Thank you :)

Hi, I received my smear results yesterday and got another letter through with my Coloscopy appointment today. I was worried as the letter seems so scary, however coming on here and seeing so many positive stories has made me feel so much better.  I am apprehensive about the Colposcopy but the thought of not going is even scarier so that's how I'm dealing with it. Do you have anyone who can go with you?  My appointment is on the 2nd of March, I'll let you know how it goes. x

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Hiya  dawniem

thank you for your reply im hoping i recieve my appointment letter soon just want it booked in and over and done with 2nd March isnt that long away so thats good they got you to go in pretty soon the letter is awful i was in tears until i cam on here and read peoples stories and realised its not so un common and other people have recieved the same result as myself and you. i have my mum to come with me so just waiting for my appointment. Let me know how you get on and hope it all goes well


I have recieved my appointment letter today I go in Thuessay 26th Feb im really nervous for the procedure also incase my cells are serious 

Hey girls... Hope your are both ok and your worrys ain't getting the better of you. I had my first smear end of jan recieved my results two weeks later as borderline abnomral cells and hpv I autmatically had a melt down calling friends etc! I'm really scared myself and googled every posability! Which now I'm freakily having symtoms of bad back shooting pains in legs etc! irs awful I think these are in my head well I hope so im trying to find comfort in the fact they are borderline changes just hope nothing too serious by time I get to my colcoscope in 2nd March! How are you both feeling? Don't do what I did and Google it makes things feel so much worse!! Goodluck for Tom who has the appointment I really hope it goes ok? Let us know thinking of you!! Xx

Hiya thank you for your reply I have my coloscopy 

on Thursday dreading it badly and im exactly the same i now have

leg pain bad back cramps and stomach pains surly this is in my head as I have googled symptoms


Hi stevie, sorry to hear your feeling like this too... It's horrible. I keep thinking its in my head but then have to take pain killers so not so Sure. It could justd we'll be from the stress and worry we are just tense and then googling things your mind does play some awful tricks on you!! Soon as I found out I came off the contaceptive pill now been almost 3 weeks... I doubt that has helped my hormones are all over the show. I did however try to do things to stay positive I hate being out of control of things!! Slight control freak actually! Haha so I've started eating things that are good for the "cervix" so to speak!  I've been eating alor of rasberries, cherrys, kale, brocolli garlic etc etch can google these! I've also started drinking green tea few cups a day which is good in helping the hpv virus so I'm told. It's can't do me any harm and has made me feel slightly more in control so try that if it helps. im dreading Monday just want it out the way now. I try to find comfort in the fact I'm being watched and looked at so best thing for me... Please try not to worry to much grab an early night tonight I possible it will be over in no time and im sure everything will be ok... Let me know and I'm here if u ever need a rant!! Always good to shed of on someone going through the same! Take care and big hugs keep me. Let us know how your going xx

Hey hun

How did your appointment go, I hope you're okay?

I would say try not to worry but that's so much easier said than done!

When I got my letter with my results I was a wreck!!

I hope you got on okay - did they show anything


Try not worry - this is a strong community here :)