I’m so scared :(

So im 25 recently had a smear test, wasn’t expecting anything to come back from it. But just got a letter through the post to say that I will need to see colposcopy as I have abnormal cells- low grade dyskaryosis and HPV virus. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I read it. I’m now booked in colposcopy next week. I’m am absolutely petrified of the outcome of this. Im meant to be going on holiday the week after but I’m worried that we won’t be able to go if i need any treatment done. Ive done the worst possible thing and looked on google and I really have worried myself about this. Any advice would be greatly appreciate.



Mims x

I would honestly say not to worry and you cant control anything at the moment. Hopefully since your smear results are back before colposcopy whatever needs to be done can be when you go.

Ive been going through a similar situation, im 25 and also went for my first smear. Something visually didnt look right, i had to see the gp who looked aswell and sent me to colposcopy under the 2 week rule. I panicked like crazy, my smear results werent back and i had biopsys taken (im still waiting). However my smear has came back clear today yet visually there is something there which i think I'll be getting some sort of treatment/removal at my next appointment.

Hope your appointment goes well & definately vent or speak to someone to get however you feel out. I did and it helped alot both on here and to my partner/family xx

I’m in the same boat guys I’m going insane with worry  

I hope someone is able to give me some sort of reassuarance, I am having a really hard time coping. 

I recieved my letter to go for my smear when I was apparoaching my 25th birthday. I booked the appointment straight away as I’ve had persistent UTI (cystitis) over the years and some pelvic pain and lots of discharge (sorry tmi) I’ve had these things investigated and was told it could be due to my ectropian but the pelvic pain has never been explained and it comes and goes, tends to flare up when I’m stressed. 

Anyway, I went for my smear and it was fine.

got a call from the colposcopy clinic saying I needed to

come in for a colposcopy as I had moderate changes.

i broke down and was sent home from work. 

I went to the colposcopy where they had a look and took biopsies to be sent off. The nurses were lovely and so reassuring saying it’s very unlikely it could be cancer and that it looked like CIN 1/ CIN 2. 

I am absolutely petrified that this is cancer and all the symptoms I’ve had previosuly have been cancer. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat properly I’m continuously crying and trying to hide all of this worry from my 6 year old daughter.

i called the hospital 2 days ago and managed to speak to a nurse as I was in a complete state, she tried to reassure me but I’m so worried these symptoms I’ve had are cancer. I’m so scared of leaving my daughter :( 

sorry for rambling I just feel so alone with this x 

Im so sorry to hear you are going through this. Nobody can understand how it feels unless they have been through the same thing.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1b1 in Nov 2016, which means i had to have my lymph nodes removed and a cone biopsy to remove most of my cervix. I went for my first check up last May and was all clear. I know you are worried, and its very scary but the good thing to come out of this (sounds wrong saying that) it that they have caught it early and the treatments and risk of reoccurence is milder the earlier its caught, and it seems like this is the case with you.

Its the toughest thing i have been through and i will always worry, but i also feel lucky that this was caught before it was worse.  

I hope i have helped you in some way, but i know sometimes people can try and its not enough, but please know that you are NOT ALONE! There is alot of support and help for you including the site, so please dont suffer alone and ask the questions you need. The internet can be the worse for things like this, but im guilty of it, but your best speaking to the doctors etc instead.

Wishing you all the luck and a speedy recovery!

Vicky xxx

July 2016 - Abnormal cells

Sept 2016 - Loop to remove

Oct 2016 - Confirmed stage 1b1

Nov 2016 - Results shown it hadnt spread and was able to choose removal of lymph nodes and large cone biospy

Jan 2017 - Surgeon confirmed no abnormalities around the areas or lymph noded

May 2017 - No HPV found and due to go back May 2018

Hi guys!

Hoping I can give you some reassurance, I turned 25 in December and had my first smear in January. Like you I thought all was okay, it came back boarderline changes. I went to hosp and had a colposcopy - this was a more in depth smear but I had two biopsies taken. Around 3 weeks later I had a letter to say the cells were more advanced than my smear suggested so they had a MDT meeting to discuss. Again more waiting! I’m sure its the worst part! I the got a letter confirming the cells were CIN2 and another hospital appointment was made, I got the choice due to my age as to whether to have the lletz treatment or watch and wait for 6 month, I thought dya know what let’s get rid so I had the procedure done there and then. It was absolutely painless and I was fine afterwards, I’m having a little bit of discharge now and have had my period which strangely lasted one day but hey can’t complain at that! Now its another 4 week wait for the results of the tissue they took away to make sure everything is gone and it isn’t anything sinister!

if you do have any questions please feel free to message me, I crippled myself with worry for months and it’s 100% had an affect on my health! Hairdresser even commented that my scalp was sore which is apparently due to stress!

hope everything goes okay!


Thankyou for your comments and advice! I think I’ve calmed down after the initial shock, I’ve had another letter to say that they will usually treat at the same time as colposcopy at the hospital. Just feeling a little gutted as we’re going on holiday a couple of days after as a surprise for my other half, booked a load of water activities and it’s all going to be ruined if I need treatment.