Scared and confused

Hi Everyone 

I'm new to the site and just wanting a bit of reassurance or mayne a bit more understanding i guess...

I had my routine smear test, my second ever one (I'm 28) first one was fine but my second came back that i was positive for HPV and have been booked in for a colposcopy on wednesday 23rd. I'm so anxious about the procedure and can't stop thinking about it. I suffer badly with anxiety and feel like an absolute mess inside whilst trying to be normal for my boyfriend and daughter but also feel like a massive idiot as i may be making it worse in my head than it actually is.

Can anyone offer me any advice? Thanks in advance.

Hi worried28

I completely sympathise with you. Had my first smear on the 1st of august. (Age 24) Was told the results usually come back in a couple of weeks..had a doctors appointment a week later for something completely different and was told your results are back sooner than anticipated and they are borderline abnormal with high risk hpv.. I then had to wait for the letter to come to me 3 DAYS LATER I was then referred to make an appointment for a colposcopy. Had it on the 13th.

Like you I was terrified.. I brought my mum with me for some comfort. (Might help for you to bring someone to put you at ease)

Once you're in there the nurses/doctors know that this isn't a nice thing to go through so they do try everything to put you at ease. The best advice I can give you is not to get uptight..thats when it gets uncomfortable because your body is then in a tense state (easy to say relax-i know) but honestly it's fine you will be talked through it all and there is a monitor next to you so you can see everything that's going on. If they need to take a biopsy there's a short discomfort but nothing to bad. But some woman are different depending on pain tolerance.

This and other forums have really helped with this process for me as I too suffer quite bad with worry so you're on the right site.

I'd just like to reiterate what Olivia has said really :)

I had my colposcopy last week and although it wasn't the most dignified or pleasant 15 minutes of my life (legs up in the air etc) it was completely painless. I had 5 biopsies taken and it was a faint pinch sensation, nothing more.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling worried or emotional - it's a scary and stressful time. Make sure you are not too hard on yourself. And, like Olivia has said, this forum is amazing for things off your chest and talking to other women going through similar xxx

Thanks to you both, i had my Colposcopy this morning and they took one biopsy. The nurse said she could see the patch where my smear had been taken and she didn't have any immediate concerns. 

She was really helpful and reassuring, my partner came and was amazing aswell so I'm feeling more positive now. I'm expecting to get my results within a month and will update then.


Thanks again for your support :)